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Power Up 3.0!

Ever wanted to fly your paper airplane that much better? Bored of flying it once and then having to get up out of your chair to go and get it and throw it back? Well that is a thing of the past thank to the PowerUp 3.0! To buy your own PowerUp 3.0 please click […]

PS4 Experience

This week there was a Playstation Keynote, the ‘Playstation Experience’ and there was A LOT of good news! Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite announced.  The Last of Us 2 Announced Uncharted Lost Legacy Standalone DLC announced Kojima Partnering With Killzone, Horizon Dev Guerrilla for Death Stranding Wipeout Omega Collection Announced Crash Bandicoot remaster announced (Crash Bandicoot N’Sane […]

Smartphone Car Problems

US regulators want to limit what people can do with their phones whilst driving. Sounds good to us! The US’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) have published their first safety guidleines regarding driver distraction which specifically target things that you connect to your car such as music players or better yet, smartphones. The guidelines, […]

Electric Car Charing Ports for all!

Electric cars are becoming more and more popular the past several years especially with the introduction of the Tesla. Now there are several huge car firms that are prepping for the future of car travel and are creating high powered charging networks across Europe. 400 Charging Sites to be exact. The firms are BMW, Daimler, Ford […]

WORKING Apple Mirror (Concept)

Someone has created an Apple Mirror that actually WORKS! It’s just a concept from YouTube user “dymekraf” but it gives a cool insight into what Apple could actually do with an iOS intergrated Mirror. It can do a whole heap of stuff such as: Show the Time/Date and weather Touch activated (to bring up the apps […]