Netflix plan to give you no free time!

Soon there will be no other time but Netflix time.

It was only 5 years ago that Netflix launched it’s very first original series, Lilyhammer. Now Netflix boasts a ton of original content on it’s service. From shows, to movies to documentaries and comedy specials, Netflix has a back catalogue of a lot of original content. Netflix plan to deliver more than 1,000 hours worth of content in 2017 up from 600 hours last year.


How do they plan on giving you no time at all? Well by making it’s users accounts tailored to them, highlighting to them what they may enjoy based on what they have previously watched. Be that having something on as background noise when you’re working on something else, things that make you think or escape.

Netflix knows that you aren’t going to be spending too much time traipsing through their catalogue so they want to bring their content right infront of your eyes, so to speak. Netflix VP of Product Todd Yellin Explains:

“By the time they get to Netflix, we don’t want them to have to look through thousands of pieces of content and make a hard decision….We know the typical Netflix user is only going to look through 40 or 50 titles.”

Highlighting that Netflix aren’t going for a one show fits all model but rather spread to programming to fit everyone’s tastes.

This model has been heavily praised by many of the creators who have already worked with Netflix, it’s a model which drew Charlize Theron when trying to sell Girlboss as a television series. The amount of creative freedom while working with Netflix is what’s so appealing when compared to working on other projects.

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