Apple Store App!

The Apple Store app is basically the Apple Store we all know and love but on your phone, you can do a bunch of stuff like buy your shiny new iPhone 7 a case, purchase those really cool new Air Pods, buy a brand new Macbook Pro and even reserve your place at a workshop in store. However, what we like it for on How To Kill An Hour is the ease of use that it has to upgrade your iPhone to the latest model with the Apple iPhone Upgrade Programme. Simply go into the app, scroll to the “iPhone Upgrade Programme” click into it, select which one you want, select your nearest store and reserve it to pick up in store! BAM! Simple! Once your there a team member will guide you through the activation process, simple! Now go ahead and reserve yourself a brand new iPhone 7/7 Plus (which some of us can’t do yet! *cough* Producer Billy *cough* *cough*)

To download the Apple Store App please click here! 

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