This week Marcus got to test out Sugru, an extraordinary, amazing, incredible (do you know we like this stuff yet?) Moldable glue. Yes you read that correctly moldable.  It can stick permanently to stuff like ceramics, glass, metal and most plastics. All you got to do is push and mould it on to whatever it is you want to fix, build or stick together – all done it about 20mins or so and you’re done!

Then wait 24 hours and it turns from a moldable glue to a solid silicone rubber that stays stuck! (Just don’t mess around with it and remove it otherwise it becomes unstuck! There’s lots of properties it has too! Including, waterproof, flexible, heat/cold resistance, grippy and much more!


Sugru – Mouldable glue that turns into rubber!Music Credit: Mate Lyons – Instrumental Hip Hop

Posted by How To Kill an Hour on Tuesday, 22 August 2017


To get your hands on some of your own Sugru Moldable Glue please click here!

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