WhatsApp Messages be gone!

WhatsApp is testing a feature whereby a user can delete a message on the recipients phone before it has been read!
Additionally it will come with an edit feature to correct those pesky typos!

However it is only in beta and there is no word on an official launch for this update. Furthermore a new feature which allows users to send friends their location when they’re moving across a 1, 2 or 5 minute period. There are no privacy worries as this comes with an option to turn it off.

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ALWAYS find a way to park! This new app we’ve been playing around with helps out a lot in fiding the best place to park and that’s not just paid spaces!


(Information credit: iTunes)

AVAILABLE IN – London, Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham, Brighton, Bristol, Bournemouth, Portsmouth, Coventry, Norwich, Reading and Cambridge

List of features:
– Cheapest & Nearest Petrol and Parking
– Discover potential nearby free parking zones.
– Real Time Availability in Westminster.
– Inbuilt Bank Holidays times for each zone.
– Event Day Zone alert near stadiums.
– Motorcycle Bays Locations.
– Disabled Bays Locations.
– Petrol Station Locations and prices.
– Electric Charging Station Locations.
– Paid Car Park Locations.
– Congestion Charge Zone alert and payment.
– In app alarm and car locator.
– TRACE hotline. So if your car does get towed then one call will sort it all.
– In app directions.

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The name Parkopedia is a combination of the words parking and encyclopedia (think Wikipedia… but for parking!).

Born out of a frustration of looking for parking, we have set out to map and list every parking space in the world. To date, Parkopedia has grown to cover over 38 million parking spaces in 52 countries around the world thanks to contributions from drivers like you.

Use this app to

* Find parking using your current location or by entering an address

* Get directions straight to the space

* See parking space availability in real-time (where available)

* Find opening hours, up to date prices, payment methods and more

* Quickly narrow down parking choices using filters such as free, credit cards accepted, covered, etc

Now compatible for use in Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles fitted with InControl™ Apps!

If we don’t have coverage in your area yet, you can email them and they will keep you updated on our progress. You can also easily add a space by uploading a photo of a parking sign or a price list.

(Information Credit: iTunes)

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Pineapple Pen!

Marcus was feeling a little bit poorly recently so had a lot of time to kill and some of that time was killed by playing a game which is poor but it’s so poor it’s good. This is one of those games. Pineapple Pen.

It’s simple, all you got to do is stab the pen into the pineapple. Tap on the screen to throw the pen to try and hit an apple or a pineapple. Simple. Easy and Fun. Kinda.

Download and hear Marcus’ thoughts on the game below!




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Color Switch!

You know that game that you see a lot of the time on viral videos on Facebook? They always seem to be playing Color Switch? Well it’s the official game from viral videos/pictures influencer Fortafy it’s a simple game, but also at times difficult. Which makes it so addictive! With over 100,000,000 downloads worldwide Fortafy has created a mammoth game. All you have to do is tap the ball carefully through each obstacle collecting stars, and at intermittent times the ball will switch colour. Then you’d have to follow through the colour pattern on the next obstacle to cross it – cross through the wrong colour and you’ll start again – which is where Marcus’ love hate relationship is stemmed from!

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Triller Music Video Maker!

This week Marcus is reviewing an app which can make you just like your favourite artists and feature in your very own music video all from an app on your phone!

The app is called ‘Triller Music Video Maker” and has a community that is 10 million strong! All you got to do is pick a song that you wish to feature in, shoot a few takes and then with a simple touch of a button Triller splices them all together to create a music video that even Rihanna will be jealous of (maybe). Share your videos on Triller to become Triller famous or check the rest of the communities creations.

Download Triller below!

screen-shot-2016-10-05-at-11-20-16 screen-shot-2016-10-05-at-11-20-00screen-shot-2016-10-05-at-11-19-47screen-shot-2016-10-05-at-11-19-37

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Citymapper – The Ultimate Transport App

screen-shot-2016-09-27-at-13-25-07 screen-shot-2016-09-27-at-13-24-59screen-shot-2016-09-27-at-13-24-45

Marcus Bronzy swears by this app and it seems the guys from WIDEAWAKE do too! Citymapper is an incredibly powerful map and navigation app which is detailed to the max with walking times, Uber intergration and even live cycle hire information. Citymapper not only has all of that information but the app is constantly updating in the background to give you line status and real-time distruption alerts – what are you waiting for – manage your life 10x better with Citymapper!


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One More Bounce!



We love our addictive yet incredibly simple games here at How To Kill An Hour and this week is no different! One More Bounce is just that, all you got to do is draw a line to bounce the ball through the level and make sure you keep it from falling! There is 100+ levels and the game will never end as there are brand new levels that are added each and every month!

To download ‘One More Bounce’ please click here! 

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AG Drive

AG Drive is the #1 racing game in 100 countries, #1 game in 38 countries and in the top 10 games in 101 countries, so its not a surprise that we loved this game that we checked out recently! Not forgetting AG Drive got on to Apple App Store’s Best of 2015 list! So there is no reason as to why you shouldn’t check out this incredibly fun, futuristic game, anti-gravity racing game!

To download AG Drive please click here! 

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Bosa – Come on Ninja!



Us here at How To Kill An Hour LOVE killing time with apps, this week is no different, with friend of the show Tolu (Don’t Jealous Me) having his very own FREE app! He voices a ninja called Bosa who has to defend himself against ninjas, ghosts and skeletons very simply in this side scroller. Just scroll swipe left, right, up or down to take down the grizzlies of the world!

To download Bosa – Come on Ninja for FREE please Apple (Only available in the US) / Google Play

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