ALWAYS find a way to park! This new app we’ve been playing around with helps out a lot in fiding the best place to park and that’s not just paid spaces!


(Information credit: iTunes)

AVAILABLE IN – London, Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham, Brighton, Bristol, Bournemouth, Portsmouth, Coventry, Norwich, Reading and Cambridge

List of features:
– Cheapest & Nearest Petrol and Parking
– Discover potential nearby free parking zones.
– Real Time Availability in Westminster.
– Inbuilt Bank Holidays times for each zone.
– Event Day Zone alert near stadiums.
– Motorcycle Bays Locations.
– Disabled Bays Locations.
– Petrol Station Locations and prices.
– Electric Charging Station Locations.
– Paid Car Park Locations.
– Congestion Charge Zone alert and payment.
– In app alarm and car locator.
– TRACE hotline. So if your car does get towed then one call will sort it all.
– In app directions.

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