Corona Cuts


People are stuck at home for extended periods of time. So as a result people’s trims are getting a little out of hand. As people are lending their hands to cutting their own hair, Corona Cuts, if you will. When people can’t go to the barbers or hairdressers, the barbers/hairdressers will go to them. By that we mean a pair of scissors/razor and the mirror and a lot of trust in your own ability. Or the person you’re living with’s ability to cut hair.

While we would advise to let the hair just grow long and tackle it once this is all over. Some of you out there are taking the brave decision to just have a go yourself.

As a result some of the atrocious attempts have made their way online. Therefore the internet has interneted and a social media account has spawned. The instagram named Corona Cuts has spawned. As you would expect, this social media account highlights people’s attempts. While Corona Cuts also highlights the good, there’s also as you’d expect the bad and well some are terrible.

It’s just hair right? It’ll grow back!

Check the gallery below for some of our favourite attempts!

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