Drone Near Misses!

Heathrow is apparently a hive for people flying their drones near planes. According to the latest report from UK’s Airprox Board, 3 planes narrowly missed drones last year.

Two of the three were classified as “category A” – one incident, the drone was below the plane’s right wing at 10,000 feet (9,600 feet above legal altitude for drones in the UK)

Second incident, a pilot taking off from Heathrow saw a drone 150ft away from his wing at 3,000ft.

Third incident was less dangerous but still came within 200 ft of an aircraft.

According to investigators, the drones in these incidents are custom made and not able to be bought off the shelf.

Overall the report discusses 70 near misses in 2016 up from 29 in 2015.

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