Can you hear me scam!

A scam is said to be on it’s way to the UK after hitting many innocent people in the US, If someone calls you and asks, “Can you hear me?”, hang up the phone as they are trying to record you saying “YES” to try and authorise payment to your credit card.

This is what happens:

You get a phone call from a local number
The person introduces themselves and who they apparently work for and then they ask you if you can hear them.
You’re being recorded, as you say “yes” to them, they edit the rest and use your “yes” to make it seem as though you have agreed to a purchase.

Voice signatures are a way to ensure secure access to your bank, or services but this voice recognition technique is being exploited by hackers.

Inform your bank immediately if you feel you have been affected!

To listen to the guys chatting about this please click here!