Dinosaurs in the Wild

Dinosaurs In The Wild

Are you ready for the greatest journey of your life?

Today, at the NEC in Birmingham, we had our first ever time travelling experience.. and it was great!

walking with dinosaurs travel machine

Travel Machine

Travel back 67 million years and encounter dinosaurs right before your eyes!

Throughout the experience, you not only walk with dinosaurs but you also get to play with their poo!

Dinosaurs in the Wild poo

Dinosaur Poo

Enter the dinosaur world in a time machine and (with the help of some 3D glasses) you are submerged amongst living, breathing dinosaurs. Be educated along the way by your tour guides, who create the atmosphere, explore the scientific research station, chat to ‘scientists’ carrying out an array of tests and even ‘surgery’ on lifelike dinosaurs, you even get to witness them from the viewing platform on the planes of Oregon during the Cretaceous Period.

Marcus Dinosaurs in the Wild

Marcus @ Dinosaurs in the Wild

The thrills and experience build to an exciting climax.

It’s definitely designed with children in mind but we (adults) really enjoyed it!


To become a time traveller and experience dinosaurs in their natural habitat please click here!

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