SlotZilla, Las Vegas

Las Vegas has really got it all.

Fly over Downtown with SlotZilla! You start at the east side of the Fremont Street Experience up a 12-story slot machine in the middle of a street.

There are 2 positions to choose from:

Zip Line: Seated position, 77 feet high and 850 feet long.

Zoom Line: Superman position, 114 feet high and 1,700 feet long.

You can reach speeds faster than 35 miles per hour!


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Hot Tug

We recently sent Producer Molly out on the road, along with her friend Steph to find out exactly what driving a Hot Tub around Regents canal on a summer’s evening felt like. Find out how everything went down Marcus Bronzy Funk Butcher DJ Ace Nick Bright HotTug UK

Posted by How To Kill an Hour on Thursday, 7 September 2017

We recently sent Producer Molly and her friend Steph along to a very unique experience in Regents Canal, Islington, London, to ride a Hot Tub! The experience lasts 90mins with 75mins worth of relaxing along the canal, in the beautiful picturesque centre of London.

The water within the Hot Tug is heated to 38 degrees and is controlled by a wood burning stove at the front of the vehicle, you can choose from a range of accessories such as a Captains hat! Steering the Hot Tug is very easy and is used via a rudder at the back of the vehicle. Once your time is up the water is then cleaned and prepared for the next lot of ship mates!

It costs £220 for the whole HotTug (fits up to 7 ppl)

Our experience lasts for 2 hours, with 90 minutes of time in the water. After a greeting by one of our captains who will run through a safety and instructional demonstration, you will then have 90 minutes sailing time on the water. An amazing chance to relax and unwind. 

This is an incredibly relaxing and fun experience in the centre of London, it is truly unique.

On site we have lockers for storage, along with basic shower and changing facilities. Please bring towels and swimwear, although these along with robes can also be purchased or rented on site. Our site offers privacy for when you board the boat. (Hot Tug UK) 


The Beast


Unleash your beast as the world’s largest inflatable obstacle course descends on London. At an unbelievable 272m long, The Beast is the ultimate bouncy castle experience for adults. Run, bounce and dance your way around our phenomenal 32 obstacles.

From Friday 24th – Monday 28th of August,over August Bank Holiday weekend, hosted in London’s iconic Alexandra Palace, tame The Beast and enjoy a host of the most mouth-watering street food, cocktails, craft beers and Prosecco on tap. Live DJs combined with an extraordinary sound and lighting show that will complete the most ridiculously fun day out you could possibly imagine. (The Beast)

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Shout Out Live!

Dinosaurs in the Wild

Dinosaurs In The Wild

Are you ready for the greatest journey of your life?

Today, at the NEC in Birmingham, we had our first ever time travelling experience.. and it was great!

walking with dinosaurs travel machine

Travel Machine

Travel back 67 million years and encounter dinosaurs right before your eyes!

Throughout the experience, you not only walk with dinosaurs but you also get to play with their poo!

Dinosaurs in the Wild poo

Dinosaur Poo

Enter the dinosaur world in a time machine and (with the help of some 3D glasses) you are submerged amongst living, breathing dinosaurs. Be educated along the way by your tour guides, who create the atmosphere, explore the scientific research station, chat to ‘scientists’ carrying out an array of tests and even ‘surgery’ on lifelike dinosaurs, you even get to witness them from the viewing platform on the planes of Oregon during the Cretaceous Period.

Marcus Dinosaurs in the Wild

Marcus @ Dinosaurs in the Wild

The thrills and experience build to an exciting climax.

It’s definitely designed with children in mind but we (adults) really enjoyed it!


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BallieBallerson UPDATE

Last year we spoke about BallieBallerson well we went and experienced it this past week and it was a LOT of fun!

We went along to the Brunch event at Dalston which states on their website:

Saturday & Sunday Daytime 





BallieBallerson is an adult play pen set over two floors; the underground club is kitted out with 250k clear balls set upon an LED dancefloor.

Upstairs the bar is decorated with plasma balls and glow in the dark murals that are charged with UV light blasts whilst DJs spin funk and ragged house.

Cocktails are themed around the planets; Neptune is based on charcoal and liquid nitrogen; the helium rich Saturn is garnished with a floating balloon; and Uranus, which is undrinkable until you’ve eaten the Miracle Berry pill provided.

Buy a ticket for entry where you can enter and exit the ball pit as many times as you like in your time slot. 

79 Stoke Newington Road

N16 8AD

Open Tuesday to Sunday 



Buy tickets here!

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Derren Brown’s Ghost Train Rise of the Demon


Take your one way ticket on a horrifying journey into the chilling depths of the unknown. With intense live action and thrilling physical effects, the grasp of the Demon awaits.
Are you brave enough to come face to face with the Demon as it rises from the darkness?

This attraction is not suitable for those under the age of 13, those who suffer from motion sickness, dizziness, psychological or neurological disorders. 


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Festival Essentials

With the festival season now upon us, we have some suggestions below which will make sure you can relax and enjoy the party – whatever the weather.

  • The Ultimate Festival Survival Kit contains all the essentials you will need and at only £29.99 offers amazing value for money.
  • Stikbox – a multi-purpose smart phone case with a built-in secret selfie stick that can be pulled out and conveniently placed back in. For the perfect selfies and filming your favourite band.
  • The Sitpack foldable seat is perfect fortaking the weight off your feet during a long gig, relaxing round a BBQ with friends or even keeping clear of the mud! The concept was first born when the founder was at a festival.
  • The Organika case collection truly connects you with nature as not only is it handcrafted with natural, organic materials, it smells of roses, jasmine, coffee or Alpine hay. Great for a visit to the portaloo!




The Bitmore Festival Survival Kit contains all of the below items for only £29.99

1) Waterproof holdall bag

2) Rain coat

3) Micro Fibre Quick Dry towel

4) DND Eye Mask

5) Ear Plugs

6) Emergency toothbrush and toothpaste

7) Wired selfie stick

8) Bluetooth wireless portable speaker

9) In Ear Headphone with Mic and passive noise isolation

10) 3000mAh Powerbank

11) Mobile phone holder lanyard – universal design for all smartphones

festival survival kit


Stikbox: a multi-purpose smart phone case with a built-in secret selfie stick that can be pulled out and conveniently placed back in.

No need to carry a big bulky stick separately, Stikbox is pocket size and features a full length selfie stick/kickstand.

The idea was conceived when Sherman saw the hassle associated with the conventional selfie stick and realized the benefit of creating an innovative new product.

The smartphone case is lightweight and compact while still being able to pull out a 28-inch selfie stick. The case is just 0.6-inches deep, and the backside holds the collapsed aluminum sections of a 28.3-inch-long selfie stick. When you need it, just pull it out, swivel your phone, adjust the angle, and shoot.

Stikbox works by sliding the small multiple aluminum pieces that sit side-by-side and make up the back of the case into one long continuous stick,” Sherman said.

Equally useful is the kickstand feature that allows your phone to be propped up. Whether you’re using the product as a phone case, kickstand, or a selfie stick, all the control buttons and functions will remain accessible.

Soon available for £39 from




SitPack – the world’s most compact, foldable resting device

Sitpack is a high-adjustable foldable seat, which, when folded, looks like a small, inconspicuous cylinder the size of a beer can. The real magic of Sitpack happens when you unfold the cylinder revealing a 13 inch wide seat, pull out the 34.25 inch telescopic leg which can be adjusted to your height and your seat awaits, letting you stay relaxed leaning in at eye level with your friends! Perfect to pop into your bag and pull out when a much needed break is required. No more unwieldy fold up chairs to haul around, which blow away and are inclined to collapse quite readily!

Made out of the same polycarbonate used in riot shields and bulletproof glass enforced with glassfibre, it is incredibly strong, light (less than 13 ounces) and does not need to be taken apart for recycling as it is made of one material. It can support the weight of over 286 lbs. so is suitable for dads of all shapes and sizes and at only 16.8cm tall and 6.6cm in diameter, Sitpack can easily be carried in your pocket, your bag or as a stationary glovecompartment accessories. Available in five stylish colours, Sitpack is now available to purchase for £45 at




MMORE – Organika Cases – Alpine Hay, Jasmine, Coffee and Roses

MMORE, which stands for much more, has developed the totally unique Organika case range which is not only made from handpicked and hand crafted natural materials but smells of nature too. Take your senses on a journey with the world’s first aromatic smartphone cases made from hand-picked actual organic materials. You can feel the texture of the material, and smell its beautiful natural aroma. Each case is handcrafted and unique, just like your style. The natural material is coated with an organic sugar-based resin, which provides the durability necessary to keep your phone perfectly safe at all times.

  • Made from natural hand-picked materials
  • Durable for maximum protection
  • Attractive modern look and style
  • Provides great grip
  • Doesn’t cause allergies
  • The first of its kind in the world

Organika Cases



All items available to buy at:

Ultimate Festival Survival Kit


The SitPack Foldable Seat

The Organika Case Selection

the big smoke

Big Smoke Scavenger Hunt

The Big Smoke Scavenger Hunt is an exciting, fun filled day out in London.

The challenging and unique experience consists of taking photos of or with 10 different places or things, taking 10 videos with different challenges and buying or finding 10 different objects.

You have 2 hours to complete all of these challenges, the team with the most completed tasks, wins a trophy!

To hear the guys chatting more about this, please click here!

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jack the ripper

Jack the Ripper Tour

For those who love a horror story, Jack the Ripper Tour is for you!

The tours starts in the heart of Jack the Ripper, at Aldgate East Station, 7 days a week. The tour is led by Jack the Ripper enthusiasts.

“London’s latest and most unique tourist attraction”

You get to visit the ACTUAL places where the victims were murdered. Handheld projectors are used to help re-enact the story on the tour.

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