Here are some of the features that iOS 11 will be bringing this September/October:

  • Apple Music gets user profiles and playlist sharing – Apple Music subscribers can now create a social profile and advertise what they are listening to and share the playlists that they have made. 
  • Screenshot sharing tools – When you take a screenshot now it shows you a preview in the bottom left of the screen, once you click it you can go ahead and “mark it up” save and/or share it. 
  • Know when an app is sharing your location – At all times! When an app uses your location in the background, in iOS 11 it is more transparent, with a blue bar highlighting so. 
  • Volume Indicator – Is now smaller and located in top right hand of the screen
  • WIFI Sharing – If an iOS device running iOS11 is nearby you can now share your WiFi signal without having to share wifi passwords. 
  • Do not disturb when driving – Your phone (if you set it to) will go completely blank when it registers that you are driving, no on screen notifications, no screen at all in fact, you can also set it to auto-reply to messages to let others know you’re driving.
  • Facebook/Twitter login support removed.  – No one knows why
  • Pay people within iMessage – Working via an iMessage app (much like gifs) you can send money to loved ones, the money will appear in Apple Pay as a cash card and this can be used like any other form of payment in your Apple Pay Wallet. 
  • Control Center  – Is now one page, bigger and a lot lot cleaner! With the ability to add setting/remove various settings too!
  • App store gets a makeover – BIG PHOTOS! 

Please see above the Top 11 features that the guys over at EverythingApplePro found!

To listen to the guys chatting about this please click here!