Hitmen Hiring Hitmen!


This story is a little crazy, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was a little fictional! A total of 5 hitmen have been jailed for attempted murder. As each one avoided carrying out of the contract themselves so they could make a profit.

Chinese businessman Tan Youhui was looking for a hitman to take out a competitor, Wei Mou. Tan was willing to pay a total of 2M yuan (£218,000) for completion of the hit. Yet the hitman that Mr Youhui hired decided to offer the job to another hitman for half of the original price.  This hitman then subcontracted to another hitman (hitman #3), who then subcontracted to a 4th different hitman. Still following along? Then 4th hitman gave the job to a 5th and final hitman.

However, the 5th hitman was furious that the value of the hit had fallen so low, he went to target (Wei Mou) and asked him to fake his own death. (Not exactly a smart thing to do) This of course led to the police finding out about the plot, Beijing News reported.

Youhui and all of his comedy hitmen were all convicted of attempted murder by a court in Nanning, Guangxi, following a trail that lasted 3 years.

However, the dispute between Wei and Youhui originally began in 2013 when Wei sued real estate developer Youhui.

Sentencing of the Hitmen

The sentences were a little different for all those involved. Tan who hired the original hitman was jailed for 5 years. Xi, hitman #1 was sentenced to 3yrs and 6mnths. Yang Kangsheng (hitman #3) and Yang Guangsheng (hitman #4) were sentenced to three years and three months. Mo (hitman #2) was sentenced to 3yrs, and Ling (hitman #5) was sentenced to two years and seven months.


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