Babylon Bot diagnosis!

Ever been under the weather but not so under the weather that you needed to call your GP?


Been a little bit ill but not ill like usual and are unsure as to what you may have?

Ever Googled your symptoms and Sh*t yourself because it said you’re going to die when all you had was a runny nose and a slight cough!?

Well the NHS is running a trial where you can speak to powerful medical Artificial Intelligence that has been accredited by over 100 doctors, for 7 days a week and 12 hours a day and get diagnosed.

It’s called Babylon and you can:


  • Chat to babylon. You can ask quick questions, send photos and get useful advice from real doctors, from anywhere in the world.

  • Dial a doctor in a jiffy. You can easily arrange GP consultations, who are GMC registered and have 10 years of experience with registered professionals, straight from your phone. Even if you’re abroad.

  • babylon sends prescriptions to your front door, office or local pharmacy. Choose next day delivery UK-wide, or same day delivery if you’re in London. We’ll even get it to you when you’re abroad. 

  • babylon lets you track test results, activity levels and health info. So you always have an up to date picture of how you’re doing.

  • You can measure your own health by testing sugar levels, hormone levels, diabetes and cholesterol all you got to do is order a test kit, send it back after using it and get your results right there from within the app!

Pricing plans are below:



To download Babylon Health App please click here Apple / Android

To listen to the guys chatting about this please click here!