Smartwatch will tell you when you’re getting ill!

That smartwatch on your wrist may have just got a little bit smarter – they’ll be able to tell you when you’re getting ill before you actually do, according to US scientists.

Researchers made an app called “Change of Heart” which tracked health data, such as your heart rate, then used 60 people to conduct a study for up to two years and found that the stats changed from the baseline, when they were falling ill.

These stats are very important as the researchers say that with this data they could potentially help to develop an app which will detect things such as type 2 diabetes and in the study the app detected very early signs of Lyme disease in one of the scientists behind the study.

As the devices are constantly measuring our vitals they can often give a quick up to date information and your doctor (we presume) would have access to these stats they could detect not only things like the common cold but the onset of diseases due to small undetectable changes in your physiology. 

If this comes to fruition a combination of a smartwatch to detect the changes and a smartphone to act as a health dashboard could save plenty of lives in years to come!

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