Kill A Bit: Resident Evil Biohazard

You remember when we said we liked, even loved anything Zombies and horror based? Well what we didn’t mention is that not everyone likes horror. Funk Butcher downloaded the Resident Evil: BioHazard demo on PS4 this week. Let’s just say that he didn’t help himself and his fears when he waited until dusk to play this game in the dark.

Unlike the other Resident Evil games this installment is the first one in the series to be played in first person. It follows the same premise as you would usually expect from a Resident Evil game. Survive. The game is set after the events of Resident Evil 6, “in modern day”, you are a character called Ethan, Ethan does not have combat skills like past characters, but he is in search of his missing wife and as any typical horror fan would know, it leads him to a derelict plantation mansion. Well we all know what happens then…….

To hear Funk S**t himself  get scared, listen to EP 55 by clicking here!

(We doubt he’ll be using the VR version)