A Company Is MicroChipping It’s Employees

A company in the US, Three Two Market based in Wisconsin, is planning to microchip it’s employees, yet the implants are totally voluntary.

Three Two Market are paying for the £230 procedure which is performed by a Swedish Company called BioHax. Todd Westby CEO of Three Two Market sees the implants (which strangely enough, will go between the webbing of the thumb and index finger) to open doors, use of copy machines, logging on to the computers, storing medical info and payment at RFID terminals.

Security is of course a major concern as it could allow hackers to steal data and what’s stopping the companies people work for from snooping on their employees? However it is said that no data is stored or monitored at a company level, but it is unclear if BioHax has access to this data. The chip only communicates with a reader such as a door, or a vending machine. But what happens if someone quits? Leaves?