Yooka-Laylee: Your favourite platformer

This is a FUN game and if you loved Banjo Kazooie back in the day, you’ll love this! This is called Yooka-Laylee and it’s a colourful platformer that everyone will enjoy!
Yooka-Laylee is a team of two mythical creatures that work together to complete tasks and move along the story! Special moves like Yooka’s tongue grapple and use Laylee’s tactical sonar shot to topple the corporate creep Capital B. Why? As Capital B has a devious scheme to absorb all the worlds book’s, then converting them into profit.
You’ll have to solve a huge variety of puzzles and challenges to search for golden bounty known as Pagies. The golden bounty is used to unlock and expand new playgrounds (otherwise known as levels) each jammed to the gills and oddball characters. What’s even more crazy is that they communicate via a collage of burp and fart noises.

Yooka-Laylee: Kickstarter Legend

Yooka-Laylee was funded on Kickstarter in June of 2015 raising £2.1million, not only that they reached £1M in less than 24 hours. Making Yooka-Laylee the mosr funded UK games Kickstarer ever and the second most successful UK Kickstarter of all time. (Until time of writing)

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iTunes Gone?

Is iTunes dead? Who actually buys music anymore? Are Apple going to kill off iTunes? Or are they going to give it a slow death? Well there have been rumours that Apple are looking to kill off it’s music downloading service, iTunes, in favour of it’s music streaming service, Apple Music. These rumours were so strong that Apple were forced in giving a statement in which an Apple spokesman said that ‘It’s not true’ Short and sweet. We like it!

Metro revealed to the public last year that Apple were planning to stop selling album bundles, which Apple called iTunes LP’s. Metro reported that industry sources and analysts hailed this move as Apple looking to cease operation on their long running iTunes service. The rumour began when Digital Music news stated it would shut down on March 31st, 2019. Yet an Apple Spokesman stated that it wasn’t true.

Legendary music producer turned Apple employee, Jimmy Iovine, stated, according to the BBC, that Apple were indeed looking to shelve the service. When he was asked if it were going to be phased out of just shut off all together. Jimmy said that there’s no timescale and ‘If I’m honest, it’s when people stop buying. ‘It’s very simple.’

So who knows?

iTunes vs Subscription

Apple are in a race to become the biggest streaming service in the world. Whilst it’s hot on the heels of Spotify’s number 1 spot. (70million subscribers) Compared to Apple’s 38Million, there’s still some growth to go, but with 2 million growth in subs over 1 month. It can be argued that Apple could and should catch up by the end of the year.

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EGX Rezzed

EGX Rezzed – All gamed out

EGX Rezzed

We recently got the chance to attend London’s biggest gaming event: EGX Rezzed which ran between 13th-15th of April 2018 in Tobacco Dock, London.

What is EGX Rezzed?

Well EGX Rezzed is a video games event that’s the little brother of the guys who bring you EGX in Birmingham each year. The massive games convention in the UK, however, it still features many of the features of the bigger event. You’re able to play pre-release games on both PC/Console, there’s also a strong focus on indie titles! You even have the opportunity to chat to the developers!


We got the chance to check out Codemaster’s newest, craziest racing game yet. It’s called ONRUSH and is available for Xbox One and PS4 this summer! (June 2018) – However, it’s just a build and is no reflection of the main game. However, what we can say is that it’s a lot of fun. By fun, we mean FUN!

Consequently, it’s worth noting that ONRUSH is an Arcade game. Codemasters are marketing ONRUSH as the game to bring back Arcade racing, it’s doing a pretty good job of it too. ONRUSH is a racing game that rewrites the rules of racing. By throwing players in to competition where playing for fun is just as important as winning. Sounds conflicting right. Well, it’s a sport that’s built for the fans, by the fans and ONRUSH, as you can kind of tell by the name. So it’s all about chasing that adrenaline rush. Whilst maintaining that competitive edge to win.

ONRUSH: Features

ONRUSH, within the game, is designed to be a contact sport. Therefore playing it safe will get you no where and simply is not an option in this world. Whilst racing and rushing through the gauntlet in landscapes which are riddled with risk, not forgetting your just as crazy competitors. Users are reminded to put everything on the line when chasing that W! Don’t forget those takedowns!

What we will say that this is a very exciting game and gives you the rewards if you take the risks. It’s the ultimate manifestation of speed and strength, protect your teammates and get those takedowns whilst maintaining the lead. Trust us when we say, you’ll get an adrenaline RUSH!

Within the world of ONRUSH, there are 8 classes of contenders, each having a unique handling style along with their unique abilities and characteristics. Plus they have their own flavour of RUSH!

So, if your interested in this game you can preorder by clicking here!


Before we say any anything. First of all, we got to play Planet Alpha recently and boy is it good! However, we can’t say too much as it was just a build, the game isn’t available until the latter stages of 2018, yet, what we can say is that it looked visually stunning!

Planet Alpha: Plot

Planet Alpha’s plot revolves around a beautiful alien world. So, the story is filled with mystery and danger, as you would expect from an alien planet! So, you’re pursued by enemies and you must use a unique game mechanic, the power of night and day, to survive. As Planet Alpha is richly affected by the solar cycle, as you progress throughout the game, you’ll discover you’ve been given a unique gift. The power to manipulate night and day. You must use this power intelligently to your advantage to progress as effectively and as quickly as possible.

Your character awakes on this alien world, injured, alone and left to your own devices to venture across this planet. Scaling the beautiful and varied, sometimes treacherous terrain to survive. Consequently creating an insanely rich landscape on which this incredible story lives on.

Interested?  We know we are! Yet, unfortunately this amazing game, Planet Alpha is available in Q3 of 2018 – (PC, PS4, XBOX One and Nintendo Switch) So we wait with baited breath! After all they do say that all good things comes to those that wait. We are hugely confident that this will be a very good thing to wait for! Planet Alpha appears to be one of those sleeper titles that just gets you hooked from the very first play!

What is Strange Brigade?

Strange Brigade is your next favourite game! That’s what it is!

Strange Brigade takes users to places that they have never been before. The Plot? Well, simply there are four remote corners of the British Empire. What these remote corners entails no one knows as the shadows linger at their deepest. Who knows about these places the best? The servants of The Crown do and there are some supernatural beings that exist in these places!

Therefore it’s time to introduce the Strange Brigade! It is here where users are taken on an exotic safari, it’s dangerous and few dare to even embark on such an adventure. Why? As few return! As you go along this treacherous safari, you encounter civilisations that have once been forgotten by society, yet they’re fantastic within their own right, all while being shrouded in mystery! Go on adventures that take you to dark tombs and battle unimaginable evil!

Strange Brigade: Plot

You take on one of four adventurers or explorers. Each of the characters available to you have their own special powers, weapons and even tactics! The campaign takes you across a 1930’s era landscape and play with up to 4 friends along this action packed safari! However, as with many exotic plots, be aware of fighting armies of mythological characters that have been unleashed by an ancient Egyptian ruler: Seteki The Witch Queen. She’s so evil she has been wiped from hieroglyphs! So beware! To help you along the way there are secret caves around the safari. Why are these so special? Well within these caves there’s buried riches. Find these to help you along the way!

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Crisis On The Planet Of The Apes

Crisis On The Planet Of The Apes VR

FoxNext VR studio have recently announced Crisis On The Planet Of The Apes. A VR game based on the Planet of The Apes saga! A first person action adventure game that’s available on all VR platforms from April 2018!

Available April 3rd on, Playstation VR, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Crisis On The Planet Of The Apes, takes place between two movies. The Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Dawn of the Planet of The Apes Movies. Five years since the outbreak of the Simian Flu, which has wiped out half of humanity and primates evolved.

Crisis On The Planet Of The Apes: Plot

So, the destinies of the two species are at a crossroads, you take the shape of an Ape, an Ape that is of advanced intelligence. You’re captured and held prisoner in an guarded facility as mankind searches for a cure. Consequently, it is here, where you take on the mission of managing through the violent world to escape, gather up your fellow primates and return home to Caesar.

You play from the primates perspective, become part of the storyline, captured and forced into conflict with humans. Fighting for their lives as they attempt to escape bitter captivity. Furthermore, players are expected to join forces with other captive apes, confront human violence and channel primate instincts to survive.

“VR has always held the promise of bringing together the cinematic storytelling of film and the deeply immersive interactivity of games. Crisis on the Planet of the Apes VR takes this potential to the next level….We set out to give the fan a lead role in this dark Planet of the Apes world – to feel the ape’s strength, power and movement as he fights his way to safety.”  Brendan Handler, SVP & GM, FoxNext VR Studio.

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One Punch Man

One Punch Man: The greatest anime

One Punch Man sounds exactly like it is, a guy who has incredible super powerful strength. This particular anime has a guy who, without suprise, has a super punch.

One Punch Man: Plot

The story of Saitama, a hero who is a hero just for fun & can defeat his enemies with a single punch.

That is as crazy as it is, the story follows Saitama through his journey as a superhero saving people around the world!  It’s not a super serious anime and is mainly just for fun. I mean with a title of “One Punch Man” who’d expect anything less?

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Auctioneer Beats

Auctioneer Beats: Music Creativity 100

First of all. This is AMAZING! Auctioneer Beats are back on Instagram and we couldn’t be happier! Don’t know what Auctioneer Beats are? Well you’re about to find out something super super cool & if you love music, you’ll love this! Plus it combines two things you didn’t think could be merged together. But as they say, accidental inventions are the best inventions! (Cookies one of them!)

So, Auctioneer Beats, takes livestock auctioneers (you know those guys who talk really really fast and no-one can understand them) and puts a beat underneath it. The result? Your next favorite rap artists.

Auctioneer Beats first started on Vine and has since made the transition over to Instagram. Consequently, showcasing the best there is in the underground scene of Livestock country twang x hip hop cross over you never knew existed.

Auctioneer Beats: Instagram

The crazy Instagram account has grown to over 40 thousand followers with just over 40 posts. That’s 1K followers per Instagram post! We don’t know about you, but we’re super impressed that this account exists. We didn’t even know you could transform country patter into rough, urban sounding hip hop and it sound GOOD!

You know what this reminds us all of? The fact that the internet is a very cool place, full of intelligent people. Where their creative limits have no bounds, who knows we may have the next country x rap album on the horizon! All courtesy of a very popular Instagram account!

So, do we have any rapping country music fans as followers? If you do send us your very own Auctioneer Beats hip hop track! We’re @howtokillanhour on all social platforms!

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GTA 5: Money Maker

Despite being 5 years old, Grand Theft Auto 5 is still going strong. How strong? 90million units strong. Yes, that’s right. GTA 5 has gone 90 times platinum! The game has been released on previous generation consoles PS3, Xbox 360 as well as current generation consoles. Xbox One, Playstation 4. Not forgetting it’s PC release!

According to Market Watch GTA 5 is the most profitable entertainment product of ALL TIME! According to Market Watch the game generated $6billion in revenue since it’s release. So how big is $6billion dollars? Bigger than Star Wars and feature film Gone With The Wind. Both generation $4billion dollars.

To put this into perspective, the highest grossing movie of all time is Avatar, which earned $2.79 billion theatrically.

Again, this game is 5 years old. FIVE YEARS OLD! It allegedly makes $5M a day. It was the 6th biggest selling game of the year last year and it done even better in Europe. Finishing third biggest in terms of sales.

GTA V: Profits

GTA Online Multiplayer Mode. The single reason why it grosses so much money. In game purchases – may also be the reason why GTA 6 isn’t here yet. Who can blame them either!

While all this is impressive. GTA V is third behind Minecraft which has sold 144million units and good old Tetris coming in at 170million units.

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Blockers: Plot

Blockers is John Cena’s latest movie and it’s all based around prom night. It puts a spin on the teen sex comedy genre, it’s gender swapped and focuses on three girls looking to lose their virginity on prom night. However three over-protective parents stumble on their daughters pact to lose their virginity at prom. All three then launch a covert one-night operation to stop their teenage daughters from sealing the deal.


Our very own Nick Bright got a chance to interview John Cena for the release of Blockers and tested him on his wrestlers knowledge. Challenging him to a a game of Real or Fake! Giving him a bunch of wrestlers names with a few fake ones thrown in there for good measure. How well did John Cena do? Find out by viewing the video below:


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Alcotraz: Hide Your Beer!

Marcus Bronzy recently attended Alcotraz pop up bar in London, the one place where you have to hide your beer! If you get found out by the guards there’s punishment!

This bar is a lot of fun, it’s definitely something different than what we have experienced before. It’s an immersive theatrical experience that gets you from the second that you arrive at the destination.

Alcotraz bar is inspired by Hollywood movies that have brought to life one of America’s most infamous prisons. Right in the heart of London. The bar is London’s very first immersive theatrical cocktail bar. It’s not an experience that stops once you get to the end, it’s a fully functional bar once it’s over. If you manage to escape the guards that is.

Alcotraz: Experience

Upon entering the venue you are given orange jumpsuits to get into the feel of Alcatraz. Then to get immersed further, you are thrown into real metallic cells. Making for an intimate place to perfectly enjoy a drink within an intimate environment.

When you’re sent to Alcotraz (or going there willingly) inmates (as you’re known) are sent into a world of exciting mischief as you smuggle in liquor. However, this is the liquor that will be used to make delicious cocktails, made entirely of your imagination! Why? As there isn’t a set of menus at Alcotraz, they’re all made up by the inmates!  Don’t forget this is a prison!

Alcotraz creates a range of tailored cocktails every night, it’s based on the liquor that is brought in by inmates. As well as your very own tastes. Again, just make sure that the warden doesn’t catch you! Don’t be too afraid though as there are some guards that are on the inside, on your side! They’ve got some creative ways of hiding contraband too, so take their advice!

 All in all, we had a very enjoyable experience whilst at Alcotraz. Not Alcatraz, we don’t wanna go there!

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Swingers Golf

There’s quite a few golf pop ups in London and Swingers is one to take note of, as it incorporates drinking into the mix too! Swingers is a crazy golf venue that is located both in the city and also located in London’s west end. To show how crazy this venue is there is only a limited amount of walk up tickets available to punters. For the most part, it is a booking only venue, so make sure you book your tickets to avoid disappointment! One thing to note is that Swingers is an 18+ venue as there is alcohol served on the establishment.

Swingers is a crazy golf club that turns the traditional crazy golf ideology and turns it on it’s head. It has regular crazy golf of course, but it also has street food available to it’s punteres and amazing drinks to create one incredible social experience.

Swingers: Venue

It is based on a 1920’s golf-club that was set in the bucolic English countryside. Step into the secret world of old-school clubhouses and enjoy the lush greenery and foliage around the holes. So it’s just like the heart of English countryside, right in the heart of the urban landscape of London’s cityscapes.  Swingers covers a HUGE amount of square feeterage, 16,000sq footage to be exact.

Within this area there are

  • 2 bespoke nine hole crazy golf courses (lighthouse and windmill)
  • Five cocktail bars
  • Three street food vendors
  • Clubhouse with gin terrace
  • Even nightly DJ’s!

This crazy golf venue is definitely is a lot of fun and it’s unlike any other crazy golf experience that we have done before.

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