Limited Edition: Kyrö Malt Oloroso

Introducing the NEW Limited Edition: Kyrö Malt Oloroso, the very first Finnish single batch rye whisky to grace the world of spirits. Crafted with meticulous care and attention, this unique offering from Kyrö Distillery Company is bound to captivate the palates of whisky enthusiasts worldwide.

What sets Kyrö Malt Oloroso apart is its exceptional composition. It is exclusively made from 100% malted Finnish wholegrain rye, setting it apart from the crowd of traditional rye whiskies. This remarkable spirit undergoes a double pot-distillation process that accentuates its character. Furthermore, Kyrö Malt Oloroso undergoes an aging process that sets it apart, maturing in three distinct barrel types: oloroso sherry, new American oak, and ex-bourbon.

The result? A harmonious fusion of mellow and spicy notes, a delightful dance of flavors that is sure to excite the senses. On the nose, it exudes an enticing aroma of nuts and caramel, making it a truly captivating experience from the very first sip.

Initially an exclusive offering in the world of travel retail, Kyrö Malt Oloroso has risen to prominence due to insatiable demand from whisky connoisseurs around the globe. This exquisite creation boasts an impressive 47.2% ABV, ensuring a full-bodied and robust taste that lingers on the palate.

For those eager to experience this Finnish gem for themselves, Kyrö Malt Oloroso is available in various bottle sizes, ranging from 50ml to 700ml, making it accessible to whisky enthusiasts with different preferences. With a recommended retail price of £55, it offers a fantastic opportunity to savor the exceptional quality and craftsmanship of Kyrö Distillery Company.

In conclusion, Kyrö Malt Oloroso stands as a testament to the Finnish distillery’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of whisky production. With its unique composition and unforgettable flavor profile, it has rightfully earned its place in the core range of Kyrö’s offerings, delighting whisky lovers far and wide. Don’t miss the chance to indulge in this extraordinary whisky experience.

For a more in-depth discussion about this exceptional spirit, tune in to episode 17 of the How To Kill An Hour Podcast, where we explore the intricacies of Kyrö Malt Oloroso. Listen here


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