Experience Ultimate Comfort with Stoov’s Battery-Operated Blanket

Transform the way you stay warm with Stoov’s innovative battery-operated blankets. Designed for absolute comfort and efficiency, Stoov offers an unparalleled experience of warmth and sustainability.

Smart Design & Technology

Embrace the warmth with Stoov’s infrared-heated and wireless products featuring three different heat settings. Charging is hassle-free, ensuring hours of warmth without any energy loss. Stoov blankets automatically switch off when not in use, conserving energy and prolonging heat retention.

Eco-Conscious Approach

Stoov prioritizes minimizing harm by reducing emissions and water usage. By fostering inclusive working conditions and aiming to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030, Stoov advocates for a sustainable future.

Reduced CO2 Emissions

By simply adjusting your thermostat while using Stoov, you contribute to significant reductions in energy emissions. Each degree lowered results in substantial savings on both energy costs and carbon footprint.

Calculating Savings

The impact of reducing gas consumption is substantial. A single-degree thermostat adjustment can lead to impressive cost savings and an appreciable decrease in CO2 emissions.

Stoov’s Running Costs

With minimal energy consumption, Stoov proves to be cost-effective. Charging the blanket or pillow is energy-efficient, costing mere pennies per charge, translating to negligible annual expenses.

Environmentally Conscious, Comfortably Yours

Pairing the convenience of Stoov with a slight thermostat adjustment significantly benefits both your wallet and the environment. While it’s not a complete solution to climate challenges, every step towards energy conservation counts!

Join the Warmth Revolution

Elevate your comfort and contribute to a sustainable future with Stoov’s cordless, eco-friendly, and luxuriously warm blankets.

For more information, visit Stoov and discover the warmth revolution today!

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