Joby Swing: Elevate Your Smartphone Content Creation Game!

Looking to add a touch of professional finesse to your smartphone content? The Joby Swing™ Portable Mobile Slider brings cutting-edge technology right to your fingertips, making sophisticated motion control easily accessible for creators.

Advanced Motion Control Crafted in collaboration with Syrp® Lab, the Joby Swing™ redefines smooth and precise linear movement for smartphone content creation. Dive into motion timelapses, effortless videos, and polished b-roll footage effortlessly, all controlled through an intuitive app interface.

Seamless Integration Integrating seamlessly into your JOBY ecosystem, the Swing pairs effortlessly with your existing setup. Whether it’s pairing with the stability of the GorillaPod 3K or 5K legs or adapting to a full-size tripod solution like the RangePod™ Smart, this slider adapts to your creative needs with ease.

Ease of Use and Versatility Bluetooth® controlled via the JOBY Motion app for both iOS and Android, the Swing simplifies editing and sharing your content across platforms. Its 38cm (15in) linear travel distance and built-in bubble level streamline setup, offering versatile mounting options with a 600g (1.3lb) payload.

Durable and Travel-Ready Designed for creators on the go, the Swing folds into a compact and lightweight device, ensuring durability and ease of portability for ultimate creative freedom wherever you wander.

Get Your Joby Swing Today

Elevate your smartphone content creation with the Joby Swing™ Portable Mobile Slider. Grab yours here and unlock new levels of creativity. Tune in to the podcast discussions via this link and follow me on Instagram at @marcusbronzy for more tech insights and discussions!

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