Moonbird: Your Personal Breathing Guide for Relaxation

Introducing Moonbird, your companion for guided, rhythmic breathing. Designed as a physical breathing guide, Moonbird gently expands and contracts in your hand, syncing seamlessly with your breathing rhythm. As it expands, breathe in; as it contracts, exhale—creating a serene and controlled pace that promotes relaxation.

Scientifically Backed Breathing Exercises Moonbird’s breathing exercises are rooted in extensive scientific research. It pioneers a new approach by offering tactile feedback instead of conventional visual or auditory cues. Supervised by medical professionals, including doctors and pharmacists, Moonbird underwent rigorous user testing to refine its design and functionality.

Enhanced Brain Connectivity and Calmness A groundbreaking high-density EEG study revealed that Moonbird-assisted breathing led to reduced brain activity with enhanced structured connectivity. This translates to a quieter mind, unwinding stress, and facilitating relaxation. Furthermore, tests with insomnia sufferers showed a remarkable 40% improvement in sleep quality for 80% of participants, leaving them feeling refreshed during the day.


Biofeedback and Personalized Breathing The Moonbird app, equipped with a photoplethysmogram (PPG) sensor, offers real-time biofeedback on heart rate (HR), heart rate variability (HRV), and coherence levels. Experience the impact of breathing exercises on your body firsthand. The app allows exercise customization and personalized breathing rhythm settings.

Simple Usage for Stress Reduction Using Moonbird is effortless. With its physical expansion and contraction matching your breath, counting and thinking about breaths become unnecessary. It’s a seamless guide to calmness.

Experience Tranquility with Moonbird

Discover Moonbird, your pathway to relaxation and improved well-being. Elevate your experience and explore Moonbird here and delve into discussions about stress reduction techniques on the podcast via this link.

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