Table Manners – The Valentines Game

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and what better way to celebrate it than to play a Valentines Day game! (Maybe this one is just for all the singeltons out there) However, if you aren’t single this game is still LOADS of fun to play! Table Manners is here to ruin your date! (In a good way)

This new quirky game may look VR but it is NON VR based and is described as a crazy physics based dating sim. Table Manners is the game where you secure the date and head off to the most glamorous restaurant ever. However, you’re a disembodied hand with a slight knack for catastrophe.

Even the most simplest of tasks become very difficult and you end up causing such a mess! Though if your date is having fun, what’s the problem eh?

The physics is what makes this game, the most simplest of tasks such as pouring some wine become very difficult, but again in a good way. It makes things a challenge and you’ve got to make sure your date is happy first and foremost!

There’s loads of different levels too, such as restaurantes, ice bars and sushi bars. The physics and gameplay mechanics will change too depending on what level you are on. So make sure you impress your date in each one! Get a better reputation and unlock more and more potential dates. However, as you do so the challenges and dating scenarios, the difficulty will increase! You can even customise your hand, with tattoos and accessories, nothing else though, because you’re a hand. Just a hand.

As the physics are a lot of fun, expect there to be a domino effect type problems along the way, things will get from bad to worse very quick and it’s up to you to fix it to improve that first impression!

However, as with the physics are already difficult, we’ve heard there’s a zero-gravity level!

We had lots of fun playing this game and we’re sure you’re going to love it too, not too sure if your date will be impressed though….


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