2019 Ford GT Supercar

Le Mans 2019

Thanks to our friends over at Ford we attended the incredible and world famous Le Mans 2019 race this year. GadgetsBoy came a long with us and we had a fantastic time! Read more via the link in the first comment!

Posted by How To Kill an Hour on Wednesday, 24 July 2019

We recently went to Le Mans and got our hands on the 2019 Ford GT and it is INCREDIBLE! We had tons of fun driving this around Le Mans and the sound of it is absolutely breath taking! The Ford GT has a lot of things to be impressed about, the 3.5L EcoBoost technology, the ultra-efficientaerodynamics, it is something to behold! 

What makes the 2019 Ford GT so special is a whole manner of things, such as the rear wing. The rear wing is built into the overall aerodynamic design of the car. Which enhances airflow, even when the wing is not deployed! However, when it is deployed it can even change shape to optimise airflow. Furthermore the Buttress adds strength to the beastly chassis. It will guide airflow over the car to reduce drag and improve airflow management. The Buttress also reduces coefficient drag and contributes to the downforce. Consequently improving handling and performance.

Did you know?

The ridge height can be lowered to as low as 50mm improving aerodynamics and lowering it’s center of gravity! (Which improves performance on the track! The more you know!)

2019 Ford GT: Performance

The Ford GT has a powerful, Twin Turboed, Intercooled 3.5L EcoBoost V6 engine which produces 647 horsepower. It has a lightweight carbon fibre body which is shaped like a teardrop to help with it’s aerodynamics. Maximising downforce and minimising drag. The aluminium structure of the car minimizes the weight of the high strength subframe. Resulting in one seriously light. Yet seriously strong and powerful car.

The long suspension arms and onboard damper packaging deliver track capable vehicle dynamics. The Carbon Ceramic Bremo Brakes also give strong stopping power and peace of mind.

Designed for power. Whatever the situation.

Whether you are driving this beast on the track or on the road, Ford were able to design the Ford GT to deliver extraordinary speed, exceptional hadnling which is normally only found in purpose built racing cars!


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