Hacked Willy

This man had a Hacked Willy, now we’re not saying that it’s some sort of bio hack where he has a super strength willy, or it’s really F’ing big, or becomes super willy at the turn of a switch. Oh no, this guy had his willy hacked. He had his penis inside a chastity cage which was connected to the internet. This cage was then hacked and his willy was at the behest of this hacker.

For those unaware, Urban Dictionary has a definition:

Define: Chastity Cage – a cage worn by men (usually in a case of femdom or some other form of domination) that prevents the mans cock from getting hard and it also prevents him from being able to masturbate.

Sam Summers spoke to Vice about his hacked willy. He was sitting at home and enclosed his baby maker inside this chastity cage and he got a weird message on the app. It said someone had taken control of it and wanted $1000 in Bitcoin to get his willy back.

“Initially, I thought it was my partner doing that,” Summers told Motherboard in a phone call. “It sounds silly, but I got a bit excited by it.”

His Hacked Willy Was Very Real

Things took a turn for the worse when he said that his partner told him that it wasn’t her. Even after being told the safeword. He had no way out and his penis was under ransom.

“Oh, shit, it’s real,” Summers said. “I started looking at the thing. There’s no manual override at all. It’s a chastity belt, I guess it kind of shouldn’t [have an override.] But when it’s a digital thing like that, it should have a key or something. But it obviously didn’t.”

“I started freaking out a bit,” he added. “I was just panicking at this point.”

The chastity cage was called Cellmate, which is produced by Qiui a China based manufacturer. With some of the devices owners getting hacked last year. Researchers had warned that the manufacturer left an exposed and vulnerable API which allowed control of such devices.

Summers told Motherboard that he had some Bitcoin in an old account and sent the Willy hacker it. Well, the hacker then asked for more money in Bitcoin.

“That’s when I felt fucking stupid and angry,” Summers said.

Summers and his partner began looking for ways to free his baby maker. They used a pair of bolt cutters in the end, his partner tried but failed so he done it himself. With his red rocket being held in a dangerous spot. He broke the cage but his sex stick took a bit of a beating and it got cut.

“I don’t have a scar or anything but I was bleeding and it fucking hurt,” Summers said.

Hacked Willy: Never again!

He was unable to go to pound town with his partner for over a month. But made him reconsider using such devices ever again.

“If you’re into it, that’s fine, because you’re into what you’re into,” he told Vice. “But use a lock, a physical lock in case. These digital things, you cannot trust them.”

He threw away the Cellmate Cage and deleted the app. It didn’t scar him thankfully though. His hacked willy is ok for another day. It may not have been the same as physical assualt or harassment but it was a little bit like that.

“A stranger coming into that world that’s supposed to be just you and you and your partner, or you and someone else,” Summers said. “And they are there without your consent. They’re doing that to you, and there’s nothing you can do about it.”


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