Lupe Pure Vacuum Cleaner

The Lupe Vacuum cleaner is a fantastic vacuum cleaner that has some of the best suction from a vacuum cleaner! It can last up to 60 minutes too and has one say to use head. No need to change a head depending on the surface. Not only that the Lupe Vacuum cleaner is also very very sturdy!

Hard Wearing Lupe Pure Vacuum Cleaner

The Lupe Pure Vacuum Cleaner is not only hard wearing and is built to last a long time. It has easily replaceable parts which are available direct from Lupe. Each feature is intergratedinto the specification for a long lasting product.

The Cleaner

The Lupe Pure Vacuum Cleaner has got a patented ‘Suction Intensifier’ sealed for the maximum suction from the product all the time and every time. Deliverying the strongest and most efficient suction of any cordless vacuum cleaner on the market. Also for the 60 minutes too!

All Surfaces

One head, all surfaces. That’s what the Lupe design is all about. It can work effectively across any and all surfaces and picking up all debris on each of the surfaces too! This is helped with the high power brush bar which is perfect for cleaning hair and deep dirt. While the inlet and counter rotating design helps to pick up all debris from all surface types. The surfaces are tackled thanks to composite roller with an inner soft core. Helping to make a dynamic seal conforming to all surfaces. Which in turn help to collect large debris. Furthermore an air tight and tough outer skin eliminate any unnecessary leaks and helps to maximise the suction.

What’s Inside the Lupe Pure Vacuum Cleaner Box?

  • Pure Cordless vacuum cleaner main body
  • Universal pick-up head with suction intensifier technology
  • Detachable lithium ion battery pack
  • Charger coming with EU, UK, US and AU plug adapters
  • Detachable wand
  • Multi-function crevice and upholstery accessory tools with on-board mount

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