Sky Q levels up

Sky Q levels up!

We love Sky Q here at the office and Sky has recently announced that is going to get much better! So in other words, Sky Q levels up!

Sky Q levels up!

Beginning in March Sky are rolling out a range of updates to it’s customers that will make their experience even better.

Not only that, the world’s most popular music streaming service, Spotify will be available to customers.  As the perfect companion to Sky’s recently released Sky Soundbox, the introductoin of Spotify to Sky’s ecosystem will allow for a top of the range high quality home music solution!

Personalisation is a big part of Sky’s initiative with Sky Q and a households viewing habits are going to be enhanced with this update. Via deeper machine learning your Sky Q box will now be able to suggest you things to watch based detailed algorithms that are learned over time.

With this update, the box will suggest things to watch that reflect the times of day that you watch content, rather than taking in to account what type of content you watch. The sports section is also getting refined thanks to machine learning. So, a customers favourite sport and teams will be shown to them more prominently. Working alongside the Sky Sports app, so a user is always aware of what’s happening in the world of their favourite sport.

Alongside greater personalisation, Sky’s voice functionality is getting a boost. Customers will be able to ask for personalised recommendations by simply saying, “show movies for me”

Sky Q levels up: User interface

To create this amazing enhanced viewing experience, Sky will be updating their UI. In this upgrade the UI will see a wide-screen interface introduced. Plus the amount of Ultra HD content available to it’s customers will double. Offering over 1,000 hours of content!!

A new ‘Kids’ mode is being introduced, giving parents peace of mind over what their children are consuming. Whilst remaining as entertaining as possible for them!

Furthermore, the reach of Sky Q is getting a little boost! The ability to stream content to more than one device is being introduced. As well as a Sky Q app being available to download on Smart Tv’s and third party devices.


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