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Alexa Vs Siri Vs Google Home

Google Home Vs Apple Homepod Vs Amazon Alexa

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Posted by How To Kill an Hour on Wednesday, 11 April 2018


With the release of Apple’s Homepod, we set out to find out the best smart speaker available to you today. However, we didn’t just want to know which speaker was the best in terms of features. We wanted to do know which one had the best personality! Can they give us the information we want, in the speed that we want it and in the way that doesn’t bore us?! We pitted them against one another. Check out the video above to learn more!

So, we took all 3 of the speakers from the big tech companies (Amazon, Apple, Google) and pitted Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant against one another. It was a fair test, we sat all three in front of us and asked them a range of questions. Each of them asked the same question, one after each other, to gauge the best response.

However, we weren’t just looking for if the speaker as actually able to answer the question. That’s just one part of the test. The main thing we’re looking for is, can the speaker answer our question with the most amount of information. While remaining concise?

Alexa Vs Siri Vs Google Home: Comedy

Furthermore we aren’t boring here at How To Kill An Hour, so we also decided to throw in some funny questions to see how much fun the AI’s can be on these smart speakers! Plus we asked some of the AI’s easter egg questions. Can you guess which ones they were?

Do you have a smart speaker? What’s your preference and why?! Let us know by getting in touch via our socials: @howtokillanhour across all social media platforms! (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)


Amazon Echo
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Amazon Echo’s Alexa Top 5 Skills will confuse you!

Here are the Top 5 (out of 10,000) skills:

  • Animal Game (You think of an animal, Alexa has to guess it)
  • Radioplayer
  • The Magic Door game.
  • Harmony for Logitech products.
  • And Meow? Meow is for cats. (You meow, it meows back!)

MEOW?! MEOW?! What?! – Tech confuses us.

bLaZeR666_uk commented about “Meow” that all their cats “come rushing in to see the “new” cat but can’t find it anywhere! lol”

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Bosch Game for Alexa

Amazon Alexa BOSCH Game?!


Think you have what it takes to step into the shoes of an LAPD detective?
Join Harry Bosch and members of the cast of Bosch, Season 3 in an interactive mystery. A young woman has disappeared and Bosch has given you one day to find her. Avoid false leads and missteps by making the right “detective’s choice” at each fork in the road.

Featuring Titus Welliver, Analeis Lorig, Christian Gehring, and Erich Anderson.

Now get out there and knock on doors…

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Siri Speaker

Apple could announce their own take on the Amazon Echo at this years WWDC in June according to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. A Speaker with integrated Siri basically. With superior sound and computing power than that of Amazon’s Echo and Google’s Home, with an end of year release date.This isn’t the first time an analyst had predicted this, leaker Sonny Dickinson has also predicted that the Siri Speaker will make an appearance at WWDC.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise Apple want to dip their toes into this market with the improvement of HomeKit and the continued growth of Apple Music. We shall see in June. (Maybe)

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Amazon Alexa Gone WILD!

People love the Amazon Echo but it seems people are loving the smaller Echo Dot with it being the top selling device on Amazon (US) since November 1st.

People are taking time to learn the device as the device learns them – sometimes the device doesn’t always understand what you’re asking it.

In the video below a small boy asks Alexa to play a song……he and his family get something completely different!

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