Amazon Echo’s Alexa Top 5 Skills will confuse you!

Here are the Top 5 (out of 10,000) skills:

  • Animal Game (You think of an animal, Alexa has to guess it)
  • Radioplayer
  • The Magic Door game.
  • Harmony for Logitech products.
  • And Meow? Meow is for cats. (You meow, it meows back!)

MEOW?! MEOW?! What?! – Tech confuses us.

bLaZeR666_uk commented about “Meow” that all their cats “come rushing in to see the “new” cat but can’t find it anywhere! lol”

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Cute Cat

Robot Spy Cats!

The U.S according to an apparent leaked CIA Memo obtained by Wikileaks apparently used cats to spy on Soviet Russia during the Cold War!

The crazy yet gruesome idea involved US Spies cutting open a real life cat and inserting spy equipment into its body, the tail would be used as an antenna with a wire running down the felines spine and a microphone in its ear all tied together with a batter placed on it’s chest!

Codenamed ‘‘Project Acoustic Kitty’ £10million was apparently invested into it for 5 years in the 60’s as the US government tried to develop its spy technology – Despite all this the project was never actually commissioned.

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Episode 223 C.A.T.S

CATS Crash Arena!

From the creators of the hit games Cut the Rope and King of Thieves, comes the most ingenious and stylish battle bot constructor!

Build your own battle robot and unleash its power in this new PvP fighting game!

Fight your way up from backyards to the World Championship. Win new parts and use them to design an unbeatable fighting robot. Make every opponent bite the dust!

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She Wants Me Dead!

Cats Vs Dogs, its the age old debate – Well we think we have found a winner. Dogs. It’s got to be dogs.

After playing this game “She wants me Dead” is based around you, now you are a character called “Max” – Max has annoyed his cat Lula to the extent that she wants to get him. She want’s him dead! Lula is far from cute and cuddly, she’s evil, vicious and cold. Setting intricate traps that are both deadly and brutal to catch yourself in. Scary stuff right! What if your cat is secretly wanting to do the same to you right now?!

She wants me dead is a side scrolling game available on both the iOS store and Google play – released alongside Cazzette’s new single which it shares the same name. It’s not just a soundtrack either, Lula’s traps move in rhythm with the music – so you better hope Max has got the moves otherwise he’s going to be toast!

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