Joule – Cook Meat Right EVERY TIME!

The Joule Sous Vide is an absolute godsend for the home based chefs out there. It’s designed to help people cook better food and have fun whilst doing so. If you’re ever anxious about under or overcooking food, the Joule Sous Vide is here to help! All you need to do is to season your food. Bag your food. Drop it in water for the perfect cook. Furthermore it’s a really small device!

Joule Sous Vide

Joule Sous Vide

How well done is my food? Is a question that we all ask. Well with the Joule Sous Vide + App you’ll be able to see exactly how! It’s called the Visual Doneness feature and will show you exactly how you food will turn out. Even before you cook it. There’s even 100+ easy to use cooking guides. Which are developed by Joule’s in house chefs!

You don’t even need lots of equipment either, just a smartphone, food grade freezer style bag, a pot and some water. Connect the Joule via bluetooth or even remotely with the WiFi feature.

You can cook absolutely anything too, meat, eggs and even tacos! Now it is even easier to make professional grade dishes at home with the help of a smartphone app, as not everyone has the knowledge of a top grade Chef!

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Overcooked 2 Surf 'n' Turf

Overcooked 2 Surf ‘n’ Turf

There’s some brand new DLC coming for Overcooked 2 it’s called Surf ‘n’ Turf! Overcooked 2 Surf ‘n’ Turf is now available digitally on XboxOne, PlayStation 4, PC and Nintendo Switch™ priced at £4.49/€4.99/$5.99.

So, if you are unaware of what Overcooked 2 here’s a little refresher:

Overcooked 2 is a co-op game that allows 1-4 players to help serve recipes to hungry customers in an series of unconventional kitchens. The game will follow players across kitchens located in hot air balloons, a magical school and even planets! Don’t forget to dodge the fires, collapsing floors or overbearing waiters!

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Surf ‘n’ Turf will throw players into another adventure with the Onion King. Introducing 12 brand new kitchens. However, in these levels you’ll be at the swimming pool or the beach, to name a couple. With new stages, brings new obstacles, for example, the beach could bring you a tidal wave, therefore keep those food coming before you get wiped out!

There are three new chef’s introduced in Overcooked 2’s Surf ‘n’ Turf. The parrot chef, island chef and Boof makes a return, in his holiday shades too! Alongisde new chefs and levels there are two new recipes for players to get tucked into. Fruit smoothies and kebabs! Furthermore, that’s not all! New kitchen equipment is introduced such as the juicer, the bellows and the water pistol!

Overcooked 2 Surf ‘n’ Turf Key Features

  • New Levels! Surf ‘n’ Turf features 12 new story levels. Explore the island from the pool to the beach, just watch out for waves and…. conga lines?!
  • New Chefs! Three news chefs join Overcooked 2. Parrot chef, Island chef and returning chef, Boof
  • New Recipes! Blend fruit into refreshing smoothies and BBQ tasty skewers for your hungry islanders
  • New Mechanics! Who said washing up had to be dull? Blast your plates clean with the trusty water pistol. Stoke the fires of your BBQ with the bellows but be aware that the hotter the fire, the quicker your food will burn

(Credit: Overcooked 2/Team 17 Press Release)

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Overcooked: Hands On

This game is a co-op game at the heart of it. Although you can play single player, this game is best played with friends. What’s better, is that it’s a lot more fun with people in the same room. This game is Overcooked and this game is all about cooking! Gordon Ramsey eat your heart out!

Overcooked: Plot

There is a plot to Overcooked, you and your chef companions live in Onion Kingdom. It’s your job to produce your finest cooking to save the kingdom! An evil edible plagues the land and only the master chefs are able to save the world. Embark on this challenge with one to four of your finest chefs. You must prepare, serve and cook up a variety of orders to paying customers before they get angry! There isn’t a lot of room for error in this game as orders come quick and fast so your co-operative and communication skills must be top notch!

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Best Cooking Shows.

Move over Buzzfeed and your “Tasty” series, step a side “Delish” there’s a new cooking viral video page in town. “Garnished” and they are here to wow you with 5 star recipes and mind blowing flavour. Feast your eyes on theres and don’t tell us you are NOT hungry before getting to the bottom of the page:


How to make homemade ice!

Posted by Garnished on Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Not tickling your tastebuds?

Try this on for size:



Posted by Garnished on Sunday, 30 April 2017


This will DEFINITELY leave you wanting more:



Posted by Garnished on Friday, 21 April 2017

Only launching last Tuesday it has kaboomed to nearly 450,000 likes on it’s Facebook page and as a result have moved on to listing their videos on YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. With 78 million collective views + on only 6 videos it’s a job well done to Garnished!

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