Overcooked: Hands On

This game is a co-op game at the heart of it. Although you can play single player, this game is best played with friends. What’s better, is that it’s a lot more fun with people in the same room. This game is Overcooked and this game is all about cooking! Gordon Ramsey eat your heart out!

Overcooked: Plot

There is a plot to Overcooked, you and your chef companions live in Onion Kingdom. It’s your job to produce your finest cooking to save the kingdom! An evil edible plagues the land and only the master chefs are able to save the world. Embark on this challenge with one to four of your finest chefs. You must prepare, serve and cook up a variety of orders to paying customers before they get angry! There isn’t a lot of room for error in this game as orders come quick and fast so your co-operative and communication skills must be top notch!

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