New ‘product’ from ‘Dyson’

So, the guys over at ‘Dyson’ have created a brand new product. It’s designed for the guys and it helps dry off a very specific area of the body.

It’s called the ‘Dyson’ ballblade and works just like the hand dryers you get in public restrooms. You stick your hands in the slot and the product jets out a burst of air. Blowing off any excess water you had on your hands.

This particular product is designed for your b*lls. It works by having the user sit down on the product and lower their man sack into the two ball shaped slots. Then. BOOM. A jet of air thrusts upwards and gets your b*lls dry as they were before you entered the shower.

Furthermore you can also use the included b*m hole cleaner too! By pressing a button a small hose type device emerges from the machine and shoots water. Just like on a bidet.

Squeaky clean they say!

Dyson: It’s not real.

However, don’t get too excited as you cannot buy this in the shops.

As we don’t think it’s real for some reason.

Listen to the guys chatting about this on the show by clicking here!

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