Comal River Tubing

Comal River Tubing – Relaxation Fun!

Comal River Tubing – Fun For All!

Comal River Tubing in Texas looks like a lot of fun! Grab a rubber ring and travel down the Comal River in Texas! Plus the conditions of the river make it perfect for children and is even greater for families. No white water rafting skills or expertise is required as the water has an average depth of 4ft, while the waters are very calm!

Since the river is spring fed,  it reaches 72 degrees all year round! Henceforth making the Comal River Tubing great for any time of the year. Therefore if you miss out in the Summer, fear not as you can come in the winter and get the same experience. Just remember to bring a towel to keep warm after you get out of the water!

Furthermore the water in Comal River is crystal clear, making for a beautiful attraction that everybody can enjoy! It’s the shortest river in the world and only travels at around 4km an hour, making it a very relaxing ride!

There are a whole host of companies that put on Comal River Tubing experiences. As well as providing travel and selling tubes to travel down the river in. To check out which one is best for you please click here!

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