Kenu Stance

We love our gadgets here at How To Kill An Hour and the Kenu Stance is no different, in fact we love it! It’s basically a really small and simple tripod, that is the first tripod that utilizes your phones charging port to safely mount the phone, it’s designed to go on to small surfaces, like a wall, a table or a window sill. The tri-pod can be designed to either stand a phone upright or fold up the legs and stabilize the phone to watch a film in landscape mode, it can also be used to shoot incredible timelapses like this as well!

There’s a bunch of functions that the two differing tripod options can do such as:

  • Streaming live video.
  • Creating time-lapse videos.
  • Watching films.
  • Chat using FaceTime and Skype.
  • Take use of the timer option on your phone’s camera better with self-timer shots.

It even has a built in key ring and bottle opener so this little device is more than just handy for photography, it can even get the party started!

To listen to the guys discussing the Kenu Stance please click here!

Please see the video below for more information!


Prices start at £13 for Android Phones and £20 for iPhones with lightning connectors.

To buy your own Kenu Stance please click here!

To listen to the guys discussing Kenu Stance please click here!