Fleetlights is a new initiative from Direct Line aimed at giving light to some of the darkest and most dangerous places in England.

What Fleetlights basically is, is a fleet of drones with lights attached to them which follow you around via an app on your phone. The best use for this would be in places like Petworth which is home to one of the
most dangerous roads in the UK. Due to the lack of streetlights people cannot see where they are going or walking so with the use of Fleetlights they are able to get home safely.

Direct Line are preparing for a future version of insurance companies where they’re becoming much more preventative of accidents rather than dealing with accidents after they have happened and Fleetlights looks like an incredible way to start! A user can even set a group of drone’s to light their path rather than just illuminating above them via a way pointed path set by the user.

To listen to the guys discussing ‘Fleetlights’ please click here!

Please see the video below for more information regarding the Fleetlights technology!


To listen to the guys discussing Fleetlights please click here!