How To Stay Warm With Polar Seal Heated Tops!

Staying Warm With Polar Seal Heated Tops

Our clothing is even smart now and we cannot wait to check them out! Do you ever feel really cold, but it’s too cold for a big coat, yet too warm for a jumper? Take a look at Polar Seal Heated Tops. Polar Seal Heated Tops are clothing which have heating elements sewn into them which allow you to easily affect the temperature of. Hence, making sure that you are nice and warm and not freezing cold!

The tech is similar to that of fighter jet pilot jackets, they use heating elements place on both the upper and lower back of a person. The tops are ultra thin, washable and made from a flexible material! Therefore making the garments perfect for exercise or any kind of sport!  The tops come with 3 traditional levels of heat, low, medium and high.

Heated in 10 seconds, you can control the pads independently and choose to have either warming pad on at once, or both of them in dual mode. Via the controls on the wrists.

Charged by USB the tops will last 4-8 hours on one full charge.

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