New Team Sonic Racing Gameplay Trailer Released

SEGA Unveils New Footage for Team Sonic Racing

Sega have shown off a brand new trailer for fans of Team Sonic Racing. In this trailer there’s some incredible gameplay footage for this incredible arcade game. We think that this game looks amazing and we cannot wait to get our hands on it ourselves! The highly anticipated team-based racing game is out on May 21st 2019. If this trailer is anything to go by the arcade style racer is set to be a smash hit!

Team Sonic Racing Features

Team Sonic Racing, developed by Sumo Digital is a fast paced, arcade racing game. While, it’s highly competitive and is fun for people of all ages, it features many of your favourite characters from the Sonic Universe. It’s not all solo racing either! Team up and win in the co-op mode, both locally and online. Furthermore players can utilise the dynamic team mechanics and vehicle customisation features to help them along the way. You don’t have long to wait either, Team Sonic Racing is due for release on May 21st across all major platforms!

Appearing in Stores May 21, 2019

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