Joker – Teaser Trailer

The new trailer for the JOKER movie has recently been released and it looks INCREDIBLE! We’re talking one of the best films of the year here too. May be even rival the Batman trilogy for the best DC Movies.

From the short instances of Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker, it looks like he may have absolutely NAILED it. By doing so putting him right up there with Heath Ledger and Jack Nicholson. His interpretation of the Joker feels and looks frightening, exciting and absolutely insane. Bat Sh*t Crazy if you must. The stuff of nightmares. We’re all in!

We’re really keen to see the origin Joker story and this teaser trailer has just made us that much more excited.

The trailer to Joker doesn’t give away too much synopsis but what we do know is that it’s based around the origin of the character. It’s a look at how he was birthed into the DC Universe.

As you can tell we’re very excited by this movie and keep an eye on

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