Amazon Fire Tv Stick

We love our streaming here at How To Kill An Hour and HDMI Dongles are increasingly becoming more and more popular than a standard set top box, due to their ease of use and portability.

Producer Bill got to check out the Amazon Fire Tv Stick recently as he is interested in the brand new exclusive show ‘The Grand Tour” at £33 he couldn’t let this great offer slide and picked one up!

It was incredibly easy to set up and use and within minutes you are able to start enjoying your content on the big screen. You plug it into a Free HDMI slot, plug it into the wall if your tele doesn’t put out enough power for it to work, watch a short instruction video and you’re free to binge to your hearts desires.

Plus what makes it even better is that if you have a Prime Video subscription you’re already signed in (As it is an Amazon product) and ready to go with that so no need to labour around and remember passwords to things all your content is right there to watch! All in glorious HD too (4K if you decide to go the set top box route) there’s no 5.1 available unfortunately but you can plug it into a receiver to work around this. With 8gb of storage and 1GB of memory the stick is incredibly fast for such a small device and no LAG which is great for gaming too! (Crossy Road is available and for FREE too!)


Click here to buy Amazon Fire Tv Stick

Click here to listen to the guys talking about the Amazon Fire Tv Stick on the show!