All of your childhood dream (and adulthood dreams too for that matter) have come true and your prayers answered. A life size, fully animated Iron Man suit is real! (But it will cost $360,000.

Chinese Comoany “The Toys Asia” we can get an inisight into what it would be like to be Tony Stark and save the world as Iron Man! Their version of the Iron Man suit includes 46 motors which control and power 567 moving parts!

It even has it’s own remote control so you can be all action hero like and open the armour to see all of the components inside of it. But don’t go walking into it though. You can’t actually sit in it or walk in it, or do anything cool with it. Due to all the moving parts (and pesky health and safety) it’s basically a really cool ornament.

Still looks good to look at right?

To listen to the guys chatting about this please click here!