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Worth An Hour? – Team Sonic Racing

“Worth an Hour” is the feature where we take a look at your favourite games and ask “Are they work an hour of your time?” This week we are taking a look at “Team Sonic Racing” a kart racing game, based around everyone’s favourite hedgehog – Sonic! Which is playable in single player or local and online multiplayer.

Team Sonic Racing: Features

You control one of 15 playable characters racing in an array of different courses using various different karts. These karts are locked to your character of choice and vary between each of the different characters. Not just in the way that they look but in the way that they handle, the way that they accelerate, the amount of top speed they have and how much that they can boost. Plus many other attributes! Each racer is either a Speed racer, a technique based racer or a power focused racer. Each type has their own unique skills. Which consequently will give them both advantages and disadvantages over the other competitors.

You race from a third person perspective and can perform a variety of tricks when in the air to gain boost. Other ways of gaining boost are drifting and you can also utilise a slingshot feature. Slingshot is where racers sit inside their teammates slip stream, do this for long enough and you can gain boost. Come outside of the slip stream and you are slingshoted! 

Much like in other kart racing games there are power ups and weapons. These are called Wisps and range from ghost where you are unable to be hit, cube, where you can lay down a big rock to prevent other racers from getting by and rockets, among many others. 

Power – Ups

There are LOADS of different power ups and weapons. Way too many to list, there are so many different ones that you can utilise during a race. Which makes it all that much more fun trying to use one that you haven’t used before. Plus if you find one that you don’t like or particularly want you can press circle to give it to a team mate. In a spot of bother and need some help. No worries, push circle when you aren’t holding a power and a team mate will give you one! What a great feature!

Again, like the power ups, there are loads of races and I mean LOADS! I got to take a go on Single Race, Grand Prix, Survival Mode, Daredevil and Ring Challenge, which all are a lot of fun. Especially ring challenge, you always find yourself trying to get more and more rings! At the end of each eace you get credits, these credits you can use to purchase things called “Mod Pods” these mod pods are like loot boxes. Inside these loot boxes are various things to modify your vehicles.

Racing Types

You can either race as a single racer or as a team! Teams are split into 3 racers per team, which separates it from other racers is that it focuses on cooperative gameplay. Win races though efficiency and teamwork. How? Well you get points based on well you work with your team. Even though speed isn’t a main reason for winning, your position at the end of the race still comes into play. So, the better the position of your teammates, the more chance you have of winning. Consequently, the team with the most points at the end wins!  


As you progress through the levels, the amount of opponents increases, the first level you get 1 opposing team, 2nd world, you get 2 teams, 3rd world, 3 teams and so on. It got quite hectic from the 3rd level onwards! Loads of fun!

As you progress through the worlds there are a series of challenges that you have to complete in each of the races to collect stars. In some races you have to get keys too which unlock various items for you. what I especially liked is that if you’re struggling there is a Tips Page which gives you a run down of everything. Very handy that!

Finally, there are three different racing difficulties, normal which is well normal, hard which is really hard. I’m quite a seasoned gamer and even I found it difficult, lord knows what “expert” is like!

Team Sonic Racing: Worth An Hour?

Overall this game is a lot of fun and definitely hours can be killed playing this one. Grab a few friends, team up and race!

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New Team Sonic Racing Gameplay Trailer Released

SEGA Unveils New Footage for Team Sonic Racing

Sega have shown off a brand new trailer for fans of Team Sonic Racing. In this trailer there’s some incredible gameplay footage for this incredible arcade game. We think that this game looks amazing and we cannot wait to get our hands on it ourselves! The highly anticipated team-based racing game is out on May 21st 2019. If this trailer is anything to go by the arcade style racer is set to be a smash hit!

Team Sonic Racing Features

Team Sonic Racing, developed by Sumo Digital is a fast paced, arcade racing game. While, it’s highly competitive and is fun for people of all ages, it features many of your favourite characters from the Sonic Universe. It’s not all solo racing either! Team up and win in the co-op mode, both locally and online. Furthermore players can utilise the dynamic team mechanics and vehicle customisation features to help them along the way. You don’t have long to wait either, Team Sonic Racing is due for release on May 21st across all major platforms!

Appearing in Stores May 21, 2019

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