Starbucks (APP)

The Starbucks app is a fast, convenient way to order and pay. Rewards are built right in, so you’ll collect Stars and start earning free drinks and food with every purchase!

Marcus even ordered his drink before he got to the cafe and picked it up when he arrived!

Download Starbucks here Apple / Android

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EP 83 VR Goovies w/Nick Bright (Bonus)

One More Bounce!



We love our addictive yet incredibly simple games here at How To Kill An Hour and this week is no different! One More Bounce is just that, all you got to do is draw a line to bounce the ball through the level and make sure you keep it from falling! There is 100+ levels and the game will never end as there are brand new levels that are added each and every month!

To download ‘One More Bounce’ please click here! 

To listen to Marcus discussing ‘One More Bounce’ please click here!

Taekwondo Game Global Tournament

Still on that Rio 2016 hype, Marcus Bronzy downloaded a game from friend of the show “Hello There Games” called Taekwondo Game Global Tournament. Which is basically a fighting game but for Tawekwondo. Billed as the first ever mobile Taekwondo game, it has been created with authentic motion-captured taekwondo movements and Olympic rules, so it’s pretty serious stuff! What’s even better is that it’s FREE!

To download the game please click here: Apple / Android

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Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy is BACK and Funk Butcher is GASSED! Final Fantasy XV is released on November 29th 2016 and we at How To Kill An Hour HQ couldn’t be more excited. After going to the Philharmonic Orchestral Performance of the music from the game this past week we have well and truly been hooked into the Final Fantasy world. Square Enix are doing a ton of promo for this game and its one of the biggest versions of the game since the 7th installment, to highlight this a high budget movie is coming out on the 30th September called Final Fantasy XV: Kingslave! This game is going to be HUGE!

To pre-order your own version of the game please click here! 

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Lumines Puzzle and Music App!

After 10 years, 10 loooong years, the guys favorite game is back! (Well Producer Bill’s favorite game) is back. Much like Tetris the aim of the game is to get blocks of 4 in a square to eliminate them from your screen when you have ‘purified’ to 100% you move on to the next level! If you love music and love puzzle games then why are you reading this download it now!

To download the game please see the links below:


To hear the guys thoughts on this game, please click here!

Your very own SnapChat Geo Filters!

SnapChat Geo Filters, you know those little overlays that you get on your SnapChats when you go somewhere? You get the speedometer, the clock, the temperature then the really cool ones that often highlight famous landmarks where you’re in. For example if you’re in London you’ll get a bike or at a famous football/sporting event you’ll get an overlay, UFC had one recently for McGregor vs Diaz 2. Well now you can create your own! There are a few rules and regulations that you have to follow, no logos unfortunately, so no How To Kill An Hour overlays for us! Boooo! Head on over  to SnapChat’s official geofilters site to learn more!

To Download Snapchat please click here! 

To hear the guys thoughts on this super cool feature of SnapChat please click here! 

Funny Call App


Here at How To Kill An Hour  we are partial to a prank or two and Marcus Bronzy recently decided to prank us all and downloaded an app called Funny Call by VoiceMod. It is a voice changer app that requires no external hardware or for you to get a new SIM card. Just basically download the app and then you are good to go! Modify your voice and make fun calls on the fly changing to various different voices to fool your friends and family. Anything from a Robot, an emoji, even sound as if you’re possessed and many more. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy you can purchase some of the premium voices which include a spaceman or a zombie! Have some fun and  check below for the download link to the iOS  app store!

Hear Marcus Bronzy talking about it episode 53 by clicking here!

You can download it for apple devices by clicking here.

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