Funny Call App


Here at How To Kill An Hour  we are partial to a prank or two and Marcus Bronzy recently decided to prank us all and downloaded an app called Funny Call by VoiceMod. It is a voice changer app that requires no external hardware or for you to get a new SIM card. Just basically download the app and then you are good to go! Modify your voice and make fun calls on the fly changing to various different voices to fool your friends and family. Anything from a Robot, an emoji, even sound as if you’re possessed and many more. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy you can purchase some of the premium voices which include a spaceman or a zombie! Have some fun and  check below for the download link to the iOS  app store!

Hear Marcus Bronzy talking about it episode 53 by clicking here!

You can download it for apple devices by clicking here.