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Batman Bat-Signal

Bat-Signal Shines in Honour of Batman star Adam West.

LA’s skyline has been lit up with the Bat-Signal to honour Batman star Adam West, who died last week.

Mayor Eric Garcetti and LA Police chief Charlie Beck were expected to be at the public event at City Hall, which started about 21:00 local time (05:00 BST).The signal originated in the DC Comics strip as a sign that the caped crusader was needed to save the day.

Animated comedy Family Guy will also honour West this weekend.

West played the eccentric Mayor West for more than 100 episodes on the hit cartoon show. On Sunday, US TV network Fox will show the episode The Dating Game, which features West winning an auction for the Medieval Castle restaurant.

But Adam West was best known for playing TV’s Batman in the 60’s. Actor Burt Ward, who played Robin alongside Adam West’s Batman in the hit 1960s TV series, also paid tribute to his co-star, telling the BBC that the two had enjoyed “an amazing friendship”, describing the actor as “a lot of fun”.

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Elons Tunnel Machine Name?

Elon Musk is now, as you may know, is looking at building a load of tunnels under LA to deal with it’s traffic problem. Well Elon Musk despite having to yet overcome things like permits or if his idea will work, or if he even has enough money to actually build the thing took to Twitter to think of some names for his tunnel building machine. This is what he has come up with thus far:


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