Super Nintendo World

All Nintendo fans rejoice! There is going to be a Super Nintendo World Park this summer ahead of the Olympic Games! It’s all thanks to Universal Studios Japan. They recently released a teaser which features a song from Galantis and Charlie XCX

It’s just a teaser, with mostly CGI, so you won’t get an idea of what the rides or areas look like. But nonetheless we’re still very very excited to see what’s in store!

However, there was a site that launched and this detailed some rather interesting things. Such as a real life Mario Kart experience and being able to travel around the park on Yoshi’s back. How cool would that be! We’re intrigued as to how we can throw shells and banana peels at people. As who wouldn’t want to try Mario Kart for real!? Just don’t make us super small!

Also available are “power up Bands” this looks like a wearable park pass, or may be even a fast pass? We’ll know more once the park opens in the summer. There’s also going to be Mario-Style blocks in real life, not too sure if you can start climbing them though!

Furthermore Bloomberg reported that the wearable band and the accompanying smartphone app will allow visitors to the park to battle bosses and collect coins! So as the video says, you’ll get to “play in real world this summer”

Don’t want to go all the way to Japan (although this may be the BEST place to experience it!) Future parks will also come to Hollywood, Japan and Singapore!


(Pictures below are from Bloomberg Reporter Kurumi Mori’s Twitter feed)

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Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour originally was planned to be released on mobile platforms in March of this year (2019). As Nintendo delayed the release of a mobile version of the the ever popular karting game to give it a nice polish.

Now, Nintendo have announced that the official launch date for Mario Kart Tour. That release date is not too far away at all. You can strap in, put the pedal to the metal on September 25th. For those eager to play Mario Kart Tour you can sign up for pre-registrations for both the Android and iOS versions of the game on the game’s official website. By doing this, players will be notified as soon as the game is ready to download.

There was a closed beta of the game and up until now, Nintendo didn’t give too much information away about Mario Kart Tour. The game features race courses inspired by iconic real world cities which rotate every two weeks. The game is “free-to-start”, which means players will have to decide whether to spend money on it. The Microtransactions will be used to unlock features and perhaps even characters.

This game looks absolutely incredible and we cannot wait to give it a go for ourselves. Nintendo will be releasing more information via their official Twitter account. So keep an eye on Twitter for more details as the games release date approaches.




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Google maps Mario

Google Maps Mario!

Next week all of us will be able to celebrate Mario day (we weren’t even aware that there was a Mario Day, but we’re so glad there is!) Google are allowing you to drive as Mario! Well atleast look like you are. To celebrate MAR10 Day, Google have collaborated with the guys over at Nintendo to transform your car on Google Maps to look just like Mario in his go-kart. Don’t go racing on the roads though! No throwing bananas out the window either! Introducing Google maps Mario!

All you have to do is to update your Google Maps from the Google Play or App store. Or download the latest version from the appropriate app store if you don’t have it already. Then Simply click the yellow ‘?’ icon that’s found in the bottom right hand side of the Google Maps app. This is exactly the same if you are on either Google or iPhone. You’ll be presented with a prompt to enable Mario Time! (Of course you’re going to click yes!)

Now this has been enabled you’ll see that the navigation arrow that you normally see has been transformed to everyone’s favourite plumber!

The Mario function will start rolling out globally, the incentive has already begun and you’ll be able to use Mario for this week only! So make sure you get your Mario on and have some fun whilst driving! But remember always pay attention to the rules of the road and pay more attention to the road than your phone!

Google Maps Mario Destinations

We’d love to see where Google maps Mario has taken you, so why not, take a screenshot and send it into us at and Google, our username is @howtokillanhour as we’d love to see them too! We’re the same username across all platforms.  Please please please remember to avoid sharing any personal details like your place of work or your home address. Make sure you crop it real good before sending!!

To download Google Maps please click here Apple / Android

Mario Kart + Target = AMAZING!

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Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Launch – Hands on Exclusive!

We were fortunate enough to be invited to the recent Nintendo Switch announcement event in London.

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