Instagram Collections

Instagram Collections

We have found out about Instagram’s “secret folders” that Funk Butcher described on the show last week. It’s very easy and not very secret after all!  They’re called “Instagram Collections” and they’re already built into the Instagram app!

Instagram Collections

Instagram Collections

To create a new Instagram Collection:

  • When you look on your profile look at any photo’s you like and press the bookmark button. 
  • Tap the    in the top right hand corner
  • Enter a name of your Instagram Collections for example “Cars”
  • Tap any saved posts that you’d like to add to your collection and tap done!

You can also create collections as you like Instagram photos to add to an Instagram Collection:

  • Tap the  next to the post you’d like to add to an Instagram Collection
  • Tap the 
  • Enter a name of the Instagram Collection and then tap Done.


Instagram Collections

Instagram Collections


Now you can “save” as many photo’s as you like! Don’t go creeping!

To listen to the guys chatting about this please here and we also chatted about it on this weeks show with Max Denham which you can listen to here!

WhatsApp Messages be gone!

WhatsApp is testing a feature whereby a user can delete a message on the recipients phone before it has been read!
Additionally it will come with an edit feature to correct those pesky typos!

However it is only in beta and there is no word on an official launch for this update. Furthermore a new feature which allows users to send friends their location when they’re moving across a 1, 2 or 5 minute period. There are no privacy worries as this comes with an option to turn it off.

To download WhatsApp please click here Apple / Android

To listen to the guys chatting about this please click here!



ALWAYS find a way to park! This new app we’ve been playing around with helps out a lot in fiding the best place to park and that’s not just paid spaces!


(Information credit: iTunes)

AVAILABLE IN – London, Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham, Brighton, Bristol, Bournemouth, Portsmouth, Coventry, Norwich, Reading and Cambridge

List of features:
– Cheapest & Nearest Petrol and Parking
– Discover potential nearby free parking zones.
– Real Time Availability in Westminster.
– Inbuilt Bank Holidays times for each zone.
– Event Day Zone alert near stadiums.
– Motorcycle Bays Locations.
– Disabled Bays Locations.
– Petrol Station Locations and prices.
– Electric Charging Station Locations.
– Paid Car Park Locations.
– Congestion Charge Zone alert and payment.
– In app alarm and car locator.
– TRACE hotline. So if your car does get towed then one call will sort it all.
– In app directions.

For more information please click here!


To download this please click here Apple / Android

To listen to the guys talking about this please click here!