Google Pixel 4 – Astrophotography

We recently attended a one off urban astrophotography event hosted by Google. All to highlight Google Pixel 4 Astrophotography! We headed up to The Shard and headed out to “The View” and took some incredible shots. The iconic London building even shut off all of the lights for us! They turned off the lights for one hour to allow us to all get closer to the stars and capture the constellations.

Google partnered with the Royal Observatory Greenwich (ROG) for the event, which was very impressive! Astronomer Tom Kerss stopped by to talk about the cosmos and the history of astrophotography. With Google Pixel 4’s Night Sight, a brand new feature which allows us to see into space and capture the Milky Way. Consequently bringing astrophotography to everyone!

In London

New research shows that over a quarter of Londoners (26.7%) said they lived in a city where they can’t see the stars but wish they could! The percentage was higher than any other city in the UK!

Google worked alongside a fantastic team of social experts to look at 3o,000 UK instagram posts. Of which were related to things stars. For example the #NightSky hashtag. Therefore they were able to find out which of the most popular images were from what parts of the capital. As a result Google were able to identify which where the top 10 London locations for Night Sky photography!

Top 10 most popular Night Sky locations in London: 

  1. Tower Bridge
  2. The Shard
  3. The London Eye
  4. The Royal Observatory Greenwich
  5. South Bank
  6. St Paul’s Cathedral
  7. London Bridge
  8. Sky Garden
  9. The 02 Greenwich
  10. Millennium Bridge

So where have you been and are you going to take a look at the night sky tonight?

“Our research has shown that over 10% of Londoners can’t remember the last time they looked at the night sky. We want to inspire people to spend more time looking up at the stars. With enhanced Night Sight on the new Pixel 4, anyone can take incredible pictures of the galaxy – and where better to demonstrate this than in the UK’s tallest building, The Shard.” – Nick Clark, Product Manager for Google Pixel 4

“With so many people living in urban areas it may seem like our connection to the night sky is lost, but even in the glow of London lights the brightest stars, planets and the Moon can still be seen with the naked eye. These days we take photos of everything and it’s incredible that we can now capture the stars using just the smartphone technology in our pockets.”  – Tom Kerss, Astronomer at the Royal Observatory Greenwich

Google Pixel 4 Astrophotography – Photos

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Huawei Faked

Huawei Faked It?!

Allegedly Huawei faked an advert for their latest smartphone the Nova 3. Instead it is said that a full sized DSLR was used to take photos. A shot in the company’s latest commercial for the Nova 3 shows a couple arguing and then stopping momentarily to take a ‘selfie’.

The aim was to show how Huawei’s AI and camera technology can make it so that the woman doesn’t need to put her make up on. Yet it can be said that it Huawei faked it as shown by a behind the scene’s photo which was discovered on instagram by reddit user AbdullahSab3.

Huawei Faked

AbdullahSab3 Reddit


Caught Out?

The photo, which has since been deleted was posted on instagram by Sarah Elshamy (whom is the actress in the scene) highlights that no phone is present in the scene. Yet allegedly Huawei faked it. The gentleman is putting his hand up to the lens of the DLSR as if he is holding a phone.

While it can be stated that the ad never explicitly stated that the picture was shot on the Nova 3. However, it is implied and you can be forgiven if you didn’t think otherwise.

Yet, Android Police have pointed out that Huawei have history doing this. They were once caught photoshopping out bezels on renderings of the P8. Furthermore Huawei posted a shot on its Google+ page taken from a P9. While the EXIF data revealed that the shot was taken on a Canon EOS 5D MarkIII.(Verge)

Allegedly faking photos is one thing, but people actually use Google+? Who ever used Google+?

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