State of Decay 2

State of Decay 2: How will you survive?

State of Decay 2 is here and the Zombies are taking over. It is your job to help the world survive and destroy the zombie horde, build up homes and create antidotes to help heal the infected. State of Decay 2 is a RPG game that takes time and patience to enjoy it the most.  State of Decay 2 is the ultimate zombie survival game in a completely open world, what’s even better is that you can work in a team of 4 to build up a community of survivors inside the post apocalyptic world of Zombie infestations.

How will you survive?

It’s your responsibility to establish a base and develop your characters’ abilities. However, manage your resources effectively to survive as a group where every decision has a consequence. Such as getting food, but make sure you use the food as otherwise it will rot! Each experience is unique to the player, the open world even responds to the decisions that you make. Developing in real time as you build your player as you demonstrate what you prioritise over other things to survive. As a leader, each decision affects your team too, send your scavenger across town to gather medicine, however, choose the wrong one and they may not make it back.

Think about how you help your neighbors, are they allies or enemies? Or are you the bad guy, you may decide you need the food more than they do.

How you decide to survive may surprise you!

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Anvio VR

Multiplayer Madness in Virtual Reality – Anvio VR

Multiplayer Madness VR – Anvio VR

Recently we got invited down to Anvio VR UK a brand new 'VR Playground' that has opened up in London recently. They're brand new in London and opened in early 2018, so as lovers and enthusiasts of virtual reality and all things technology, we thought we'd head down and check it out!For more information please click here: book your own tickets please click here: website is here http://www.howtokillanhour.comOur podcast is here

Posted by How To Kill an Hour on Thursday, 3 May 2018

Recently we got invited down to Anvio VR a brand new ‘VR Playground’ that has opened up in London recently. They’re brand new in London and opened in early 2018, so as lovers and enthusiasts of virtual reality and all things technology, we thought we’d head down and check it out!

Unlike a lot of VR games or events this is an experience in which you’re allowed to play! Hence why they’re describing it as a playground! What we mean by play is that you’re free to move around. As you’re not confined to a small play area. So you get to run around a HUGE room and experience, quite literally, a whole new world!

In the worlds that Anvio VR have created you can run, jump and even wave to your partners whilst in the game, all that and much much more! Their play area is also fully wirless so there’s no worry about running into a wall or falling over wires. Thus creating a much more realistic and immersive experience. Plus there’s guides in the room, who are there to help prevent you from crashing into any walls, if you do manage to find your way to a wall that is!

Currently Anvio have two games available to play:

Anvio VR: City Z

This game lasts 45mins and is for a team of 4 ages 12 and up. You’re provided with an assault rifle or a mele weapon to play whilst in this game. The City Z gameplay mixes close quarter combat and full blown warfare. You’ll be thrown in to dark corridors and be aware if you’re afraid of heights! What are you fighting? An How To Kill An Hour favourite: ZOMBIES!

Anvio VR: Lost Sanctuary

This game too lasts 45mins and for a team of 4 ages 12 and up. Yet instead of action, this is a puzzle game and you got to focus on the traversing environment. You’ll be transported into an ancient abandoned city, your task is to find out more about the city and look for the treasure! As you’ll too be faced with combat and some heights!

To purchase tickets of your own to go and venture in multiplayer madness please click here!

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