Nick Bright has some NFL information for us this week on How To Kill An Hour! He discusses in the run up to SuperBowl that we should get more involved in NFL and once you learn the basics of NFL it really is an enjoyable sport and its not all just a poor mans Rugby.

Basically you have to get 10 yards up the field and you get 4 chances to do so. If you get to the 10 yard line within 4 tries you get another 4 and another 4 all until you get to the goal, or you can run to the other end of the pitch and get a touch down, but if you don’t get there within 4 you have to punt it long.


Listen to Nick Bright on this weeks show to give you a quick run down of NFL so you don’t get all confused and got to bed when the SuperBowl is on, because you’ll be missing out!