Goldeneye 007 REFRESHED!



Looks like lovers of the classic Nintendo 64 game, Goldeneye 007 is getting a remaster! Boy does it look really really really good! Three years have passed since we got a glimpse of how the iconic Nintendo 64 title would look with a fresh lick of modern paint.

Now the developers are back and this time they’ve brought some gameplay footage with them! So fans of the original and a new generation will get a taste of what Goldeneye 007 was like. They’ll soon realise what an iconic game it was and why many First Person Shooter fans love it so much.

Goldeneye 25 as it’s known began as an ambitious free to play game to port and remaster the original. It will be developed on the Unreal Engine and focuses on the classic solo campaign. While the game looks amazing, you may have to wait some time to play it. As it’s set for release in August of 2022. to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the original.

Painstaking work, but worth it.

We get a glimpse of the ‘Silo’ campaign gameplay, plus we can see the hard work that the duo have been doing. As you can clearly see the tireless work that must have gone on. Creating enhanced textures, lighting and character models based on the source material. However, despite creating all original assets, the map layouts and enemy placements remain untouched and exactly how they were in Goldeneye 007.

Looking at the “Silo” campaign gameplay, we can see the duo behind the updated version have been working tirelessly the last few years to create enhanced textures, lighting, and character models based on the source material. Despite creating all original assets, all the map layouts and enemy placements found in GoldenEye 25 will remain exactly the same as they are in GoldenEye 007.


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